Richard Corcoran, the Florida House Speaker and all but declared candidate for governor, faces a Florida Division of Elections fine for failing to file his campaign treasurer's report on time.

Corcoran's Watchdog PAC was only a day late in filing the report,  and its treasurer received just a $50 fine. But it's ironic that a Republican leader who constantly touts his commitment to transparency failed to comply with disclosure requirements.

And it's not the only part of his political committee that  is opaque about  its campaign finances.

Want to see who is investing in the Adam Putnam or Ron DeSantis gubernatorial campaigns and how the candidates are spending their money? Click on their web sites, or, and you quickly see the links to contributions and expenditures.

Now try to be a watchdog on the campaign finances of Corcoran's The information is virtually hidden in a reference to "State of Florida Reporting Requirements."

Nor does Corcoran's committee list the addresses of his campaign donors, which is required under Florida law.