Among the many bills waiting for action by Gov. Rick Scott is one asking Congress to decide whether Florida should be a state that enjoys daylight saving time year-round.

Under HB 1013, called the "Sunshine Protection Act," the state would ask Congress to pass a law to let the Sunshine State move from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time (when you set your clocks ahead one hour) year-round. Daylight saving time runs from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November and well, it just started Sunday.

Sen. Marco Rubio says he's ready to push for the legislation in Congress.

But have we thought about the real-life effects of such a change? Of being on a different clock than the rest of the East Coast?

Paul Dellegatto, the chief meteorologist at FOX13 in Tampa, has been tweeting out some such thoughts.

If approved, Florida would join two other states that have exempted themselves from the 1966 law that set a uniform time for all time zones across the country. Hawaii and most of Arizona are on standard time year-round.