WASHINGTON – Moving on the Florida Legislature's initiative, Sen. Marco Rubio today introduced legislation to make the state's daylight saving time permanent — and Rubio wants the entire country to adopt it.

Rubio filed two bills to accomplish those aims:

The Sunshine Protection Act, which would apply to the country, and the Sunshine State Act, which would give Florida approval to establish permanent DST within its boundaries.

"Last week, Florida's legislature overwhelmingly voted for permanent Daylight Saving Time for the State of Florida," Rubio said in a release. "Reflecting the will of the Sunshine State, I proudly introduce these bills that would approve Florida's will and, if made nationally, would also ensure Florida is not out of sync with the rest of the nation."

Rubio said a national adoption would benefit the economy, reduce robberies and car crashes and make children more active, reducing obesity, among other benefits.

But not everyone is on board.