Winner of the week
Offshore drilling advocates. A poll of 750 likely Florida voters released last week by Tallahassee-based Clearview Research found that 54 percent of voters support a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban offshore oil and gas drilling in state waters, while 42 percent oppose the idea. Constitutional amendments require 60 percent voter approval to pass. "Somewhat surprisingly, a ban on offshore oil drilling does not poll as high as one might have guessed given Florida's history on this issue," Clearview President Steve Vancore said.

Loser of the week
Ryan Zinke. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke seems to have developed amnesia. Earlier this year, he made a big show of announcing that because of Gov. Rick Scott's persuasiveness (and presumably Scott's looming campaign for Senate), Florida would be exempted from the Trump administration's plan to expand offshore drilling. But during an appearance Thursday before the House Committee on Natural Resources, Zinke bizarrely claimed "Florida did not get an exemption," from the administration's offshore oil drilling plan.