WASHINGTON – Sen. Bill Nelson sought to project confidence Monday as Gov. Rick Scott announced his campaign.

"I've always run every race like there's no tomorrow – regardless of my opponent," Nelson said in a statement. "While it's clear that Rick Scott will say or do anything to get elected, I've always believed that if you just do the right thing, the politics will take care of itself."

The RNC bashed Nelson as a career politician with few accomplishments.

"It isn't hard to see why Do-Nothing Democrat Bill Nelson is America's least effective and most vulnerable Democrat," spokeswoman Taryn Fenske said. (There are other Dems considered more vulnerable, but Nelson faces a fight.)

"After nearly 30 years in Congress, and over 45 years as a career politician, he has nothing to show for his time in office other than a free ride to space. When Floridians go to vote in November, they'll remember that Nelson collected millions in taxpayer dollars and has accomplished virtually nothing to benefit his constituents."