Miami New Times is out with an excellent, well-reported profile of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine. Daniel Rivero's piece is not at all entirely negative, but it includes details that could make for tough campaign  attacks on Levine:

***An elderly woman who says she was ripped off by Levine and his cruise ship business: ... Healy stopped making payments and was reported to a debt collector. "It's hurt my life. It's hurt my credit," she says. "I'm 75 years old, and I don't think I should be going through this at this stage in my life."

***Alaska's former attorney general questioning the scruples of Levine's industry: : "There's varying degrees of economic terrorism that take place. In Alaska, it's been very effective, and I suspect that is a practice that was probably perfected in the Caribbean."

**An FIU professor accusing Levine and Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales of attacking science: "Instead of trying to solve the issue, they attacked us," Briceño says. "They tried to silence us… To have someone like that be the governor… he's the worst kind of person to be in charge of our state."