Democratic candidate for governor Gwen Graham is clarifying that she would only nominate a Democrat as her running mate, stepping back from comments made last week that she would consider Republican Congressman David Jolly for lieutenant governor.

"While While @DavidJollyFL and I obviously disagree on many issues, like many progressives, I do respect his bravery taking on @realDonaldTrump — more than even some Democrats in the race for governor have been willing to do," the former Congresswoman from Tallahassee wrote on Twitter.

Last week, Graham told "Strange Days" podcast host Fernand Amandi that Jolly "would certainly fit" her definition of a lieutenant governor, as first reported by Politico.

Amandi asked her about former Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy, who has been flirting with the unusual idea of running for governor with Jolly, although it's unclear whether the bipartisan ticket would even be legal.

Amandi asked, "If Congressman Murphy does not get in the race, would you consider a split ticket? Would you consider a Republican for lieutenant governor, if it fit the criteria that you thought were good for Florida to unite Floridians?"

"It's interesting you bring up that question, because I've been asked that about lieutenant governor," Graham said. "I do have criteria for the individual I'm looking for, and primarily it's someone who can help me govern. I see my lieutenant governor selection as someone who's going to be right by my side, helping me get the state back on the right path. And so Patrick would certainly fit that definition, as would David, as would all of the other candidates for governor on the democratic ticket at the moment. So it's really going to be for me a thorough analysis of who can bring the most to help make the biggest difference in the state of Florida.

Graham, who has been hammered by one of her opponents for not being liberal enough, clarified on Twitter Monday that she would only nominate a Democrat as her running mate:

"For lieutenant governor, I will choose a Democrat who reflects my progressive values: a woman's right to choose, supporting public schools, raising the minimum wage, fighting climate change, expanding health care with a public option, and passing bold gun safety legislation," she wrote.