UPDATE: Nelson issued this statement after his meeting: "Gina Haspel has dedicated her life to serving her country and the brave men and women who work at the CIA deserve a career professional, like her, to lead them. Gina Haspel has publicly acknowledged that the CIA's enhanced interrogation program should not have been undertaken and has vowed to uphold our nation's laws and values in leading the agency. She has earned the respect and backing of former intelligence chiefs from the Bush and Obama administrations. I will vote to support her nomination to be the next director of the CIA."

WASHINGTON – As Sen. Bill Nelson meets today with Gina Haspel, President Trump's nominee to run the CIA, Republicans are applying  pressure with a digital ad that will run on Facebook and Twitter.

That's not likely to sway Nelson but he is caught between a Democratic base that wants him to reject Haspel, who ran a secret, post 9/11 prison, and election year forces. Nelson recently voted for Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State, despite earlier opposing him for CIA.

He's scheduled to meet with Haspel at 4 p.m. today. Nelson has previously seemed to play down the torture arguments. "The fact is that that was then, and now is now. They were operating under what was the accepted practice of the day," he said in March.

Last week he said on the Senate floor, "I think we have a career intelligence officer that has done a commendable — over three decades — commendable service to this country. I will be meeting with her next week. I have a number of questions. And upon meeting with her, then I will make my decision."