WASHINGTON – Bill Nelson is getting more help from national Democratic groups in his uphill advertising battle with Rick Scott: a $600,000 digital campaign focused on his bio and opposition to privatizing Social Security and Medicare.

"Bill Nelson stopped them," says the ad, stretching the influence of a single senator.

The ad, which also mentions Nelson's Army service and voyage into space, comes from Priorities USA Action and Senate Majority PAC and is on top of a $2.2 million TV buy the latter group recently announced.

Scott has spent nearly $10.7 million, with a couple million more coming from allies. The Republican is following a shock and awe strategy he deployed in 2010 and 2014 to narrowly win two terms as governor and is forcing Democrats to spend resources.

"The ads will appear on social media, Google search, and across websites and video properties where voters are consuming content, whether it's YouTube playing on an iPhone, Pandora playing on an Echo, or Hulu playing on a smart TV," the groups said.

Viewers will be redirected to web sites in English and Spanish that highlight "Nelson's work as a champion for middle-class families."

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