A day after Gov. Rick Scott criticized Sen. Bill Nelson for protesting being in Washington in August, Scott hits the road for a fundraiser about as far from Florida as you can get — in San Francisco.

Scott is scheduled to appear at a downtown campaign event at noon and his hosts include Peter Magowan, the former managing general partner of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and his wife Debby. (For what it's worth, Scott is a former minority owner of baseball's Texas Rangers).

Scott's campaign denied he is ignoring his elected duties. "That's like saying Bill Nelson wasn't doing his job when he was recently fundraising in New York, Texas and California," said spokeswoman Lauren Schenone.

Yet Scott seized on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel's decision to cancel the August recess, citing Democratic opposition to President Trump's nominee and "the goal of passing appropriations bills" before the end of the fiscal year.

"It's promising to see the Senate cancel its month long vacation and try and get some work done," Scott wrote on Twitter. "Working Floridians don't get to take the month of August off, and neither should career politicians."

National Republicans criticized Nelson's assertion that McConnell was acting out of "raw politics" to keep Democratic senators off the campaign trail.

"Pity party," said the RNC, mocking Nelson's campaign as weak and saying he probably wanted to stay in Washington so "he can continue playing political games with his playmates, rather than meeting with real life Florida voters."

Since entering the race in early April, Scott has often taken time away from his official duties to campaign, including fundraising out of state — the latest being today's visit to San Francisco.

Scott is due in Washington on June 28, a Thursday, for three fundraisers at 8 a.m., noon and 6 p.m., according to invites obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.

Scott also, along with the three GOP Florida cabinet members, canceled Cabinet monthly meetings for April, May, July and October. Doing so frees up his schedule, making it easier to travel the state.