WASHINGTON – Sen. Marco Rubio bashed a deal the Trump administration struck Thursday with China's ZTE, calling it "very bad" and that it "will do nothing to keep up safe from corporate & national security espionage."

"Now Congress will need to act to keep America safe from China," Rubio wrote on twitter, keeping up what has been constant criticism of the administration on the issue.

The deal allows ZTE to continue to do business in the U.S. while paying a $1 billion penalty for violating sanctions against Iran. A compliance team will also be in place.

Rubio alluded to Trump's steel tariffs, but the Florida senator hasn't been more vocal since Trump levied those — an issue that is playing out in Florida.

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Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer:

"President Trump should be aiming his trade fire at China, but instead he inexplicably aims it at allies like Canada, Mexico and Europe. When it comes to China, despite his tough talk, this deal with ZTE proves the president just shoots blanks."