The National Liberty Foundation, a south Florida-based group with ties to the sugar industry, is out with another blatantly misleading attack on on Ron DeSantis.

Their last TV spot falsely claimed DeSantis backed food stamps for illegal immigrants. This one, airing in north Florida,  falsely claims he voted to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants:

In Florida, Ron DeSantis says he's a hard-working Trump conservative. In Washington it's a different story. DeSantis skipped hundreds of important votes.Votes to revoke terrorists' passports. To keep Guantanamo prison open. To expand sanctions on terrorist nations. But Ron DeSantis did show up to vote to grant amnesty to illegals. Ron DeSantis: Talks conservative, votes for amnesty. That's who he is.

The amnesty vote refers to a 2013 vote for an agriculture guest worker program that actually aimed to discourage illegal immigration by requiring guest worker to deposit  money they earned in America in their home countries.

“The hypocrisy here is pretty hilarious given Adam’s record on immigration and who is spending the money,” DeSantis campaign manager Brad Herold said, referring to Putnam and sugar companies.  “This is a desperate ploy by the pro-amnesty special interest groups that have poured millions into Amnesty Adam Putnam’s campaign. Now they’re spending millions trying to fool conservatives about Ron DeSantis’ record. Ron DeSantis has never supported amnesty and Florida conservatives know it.”
About those missed votes…

Since he started serving in the House DeSantis has missed 3  percent of all votes, according to the non-partisan research organization GovTrack.

"This is on par with the median of 2.4 percent among the lifetime records of representatives currently serving," GovTrack said.

Over his 10 years in Congress, Putnam missed 4.7 percent of all votes. "This is worse than the median of 3.1 percent among the lifetime records of representatives serving in Dec 2010," GovTrack reported.