A conservative news and commentary site has surfaced in Florida with mysterious origins.

Fla News Online recently showed up and provides no ownership information. Articles carry a generic byline.

The Tampa Bay Times sent an email to an address listed and someone responded:

"This site is wholly funded by myself and receives no financial support from any campaign or committee associated with a campaign. I choose to stay anonymous because it's a great American tradition. I prefer to be judged by the content on the site not the byline.

"I created the site because I didn't think conservative Floridians had one place to go to get state political news. This site will appeal to the masses not the insiders, which other sites do quite well."

The corporate name listed on the site was not found in state records. The site was registered June 2 by Domains By Proxy, which hides owner identities.

It's not the first site to seek the conservative space. Sunshine State News, which also does not reveal its ownership but does name its writers, was established in 2010.