National Democrats are spending $6 million in an effort to flip a slew of legislative seats all over the country — including five Florida Senate seats.

One small issue? State Democrats are losing the fundraising battle* in all five of those races.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee issued a press release Friday that announced the $6 million pledge. The organization wants to flip eight state Senates across the country: The senates in Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, Maine, New York, New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

Nowhere in the country is the party's plan more ambitious than Florida, where Democrats currently hold 16 seats to Republicans' 23. Democrats will need to pick up five seats in order to flip the body, a monumental task given that none of the five races put under the spotlight by the DLCC is a sure thing.

Here are the five seats the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee want to see flipped:

  • Senate District 8: Democrat Kayser Enneking is challenging incumbent Republican Keith Perry. (Enneking will have to get past primary opponent Olysha Magruder first.)
  • Senate District 16: Democrat Amanda Murphy is challenging likely Republican primary winner Ed Hooper in the race for the empty seat last held by Clearwater Republican Jack Latvala.
  • Senate District 18: State Rep. Janet Cruz is challenging Republican incumbent Tampa Republican Dana Young.
  • Senate District 22: Democrat Bob Doyel is challenging Republican incumbent Kelli Stargel. (Doyel will have to beat primary opponent Ricardo Rangel before he can officially square off against Stargel.)
  • Senate District 36: David Perez is challenging Republican Manny Diaz Jr. for the seat formerly held by the termed-out Republican René García. (Perez will face Julian Santos in the Democratic primary.)

Any of these seats could be winnable for Democrats. But a potential blue wave would have to be a tsunami to carry all five Democrats to Senate-flipping victories.

*This calculation is based on an analysis of campaign cash on hand from candidates' state disclosures. It does not factor political committees.

This post has been updated to clarify that it is the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is spending $6 million on the effort to flip legislatures.