Democratic nominee for attorney general Sean Shaw will seek to make women's rights, abortion rights and women's health care an issue in the campaign in a news conference in Tallahassee today.

In an advance draft of his speech made available to the Tampa Bay Times, Shaw bashes current, term-limited Attorney General Pam Bondi and his Republican opponent Ashley Moody, saying they "want to turn back the clock on women's rights."

Shaw's comments refer to a Texas lawsuit, which Bondi has joined as attorney general of Florida, seeking to have the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare declared unconstitutional, and to Bondi's defense before the state Supreme Court of abortion restrictions passed by the Legislature, some of which the court has thrown out.

Moody has said she agrees with Florida's participation in the Obamacare lawsuit, and says on her campaign website that she is "100% pro-life."

Shaw also referred to Moody's support for "the Trump agenda," which he said includes lessening sex assault and harassment protections. He cited education Secretary Betsy DeVos' intention to propose rules offering more protection for higher education institutions and those accused in cases of sexual assault or harassment on campus.

Bondi was a key backer of Moody in the bitter Republican attorney general primary, and Moody has expressed admiration for Bondi and intent to carry on her policies.

"Forty-five years after the United States did away with back-alley abortions and infringing on a woman's most personal decisions, the battle continues," Shaw's speech draft says.

He was to deliver the comments in the lobby of the Capitol outside Bondi's office Friday.

Shaw said he "will fight to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions … that allows women to not be discriminated against for things as simple as having a child or postpartum depression."

He called Moody "a vestige of the past" and "a highlight reel of everything we fought to move past," and said, "We can't afford eight more years of Pam Bondi failures."