Ron DeSantis today veered from his daily charges that Andrew Gillum is a weak-on-crime tax raiser to blast the Tallahassee mayor's  involvement in an ongoing FBI investigation into potential corruption in Tallahassee city government.

At a news conference in Oldsmar with members of the National Federation of Independent Business, the Republican gubernatorial nominee noted that Gillum, his Democratic opponent, had been photographed with an undercover agent in New York and took a 2016 trip to Costa Rica with lobbyists. Gillum has said he paid $400 cash to cover his and his wife's share for a villa shared with about 10 other people.

"He's not being honest with the folks," DeSantis said of that $400 cash payment. "There's huge problems when you govern that way, when your on junkets with undercover FBI agents, when you're the subject of a major investigation involving pay to play and involving corruption.

Here’s the whole video: