We neither condone nor encourage gambling here at The Buzz, but we know our political junkie readers appreciate as much information as possible about Florida politics. So we checked with the folks at BetOnline.ag to see how they view Florida's marquee races.

For what it's worth:

Odds to win FL gov race  

Odds          Fractional Odds          Implied Probability
Ron DeSantis (R)           +120.                6/5                                   45.45%
Andrew Gillum (D)       -160                 5/8                                   61.54%

Odds to win Senate race

Rick Scott (R)                  -120                5/6                                   54.55%
Bill Nelson (D)                -120                5/6                                    54.55%

A positive number represents how much you profit on a $100 bet. A negative number represents how much you have to bet in order to profit $100.