President Donald Trump weighed in yet again on the Florida governor's race Saturday.

In a series of tweets, Trump urged voters to back the Republican nominee, Ron DeSantis, over Democrat Andrew Gillum.

"Ron @RonDeSantisFL DeSantis is working hard. A great Congressman and top student at Harvard & Yale, Ron will be a record setting governor for Florida," Trump tweeted. "Rick Scott gave him tremendous foundations to further build on. His opponent runs one of the worst & most corrupt cities in USA."

In a subsequent tweet, Trump called the current Republican governor, Rick Scott, who's running for Senate this year, "easily one of the best Governors in the USA."

"Ron DeSantis will build on this success. His incompetent opponent will destroy Florida – next Venezuela!" Trump tweeted, repeating a dubious claim that Gillum is looking to turn Florida into a socialist state. (He is not.)

It's far from the first time President Trump has tweeted his thoughts about the Florida governor's race. He was an early endorser of DeSantis, throwing his weight behind the former Congressman before he had even entered the race.

Trump's tweets also echoed the lines of attack coming from the Republican Party of Florida. The GOP has tried to paint Gillum as the corrupt leader of a crime-infested city.

Gillum responded to Trump just minutes after the tweets, saying the president did not have "the courage to @ me."

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