In November, Sean Shaw got 3,744,912 votes running for state attorney general, enough to win any previous Florida attorney general race by a wide margin, but he still lost to another Tampa candidate, Republican Ashley Moody.

That's enough to make Shaw a prime Democratic electoral prospect in the future, even leaving aside his personal profile as a young professional with a lineage to pioneering black jurist Leander Shaw.

In an interview this week, Shaw didn't give any specifics, but made it clear politics is in his future. Among other things, he talked about forming an advocacy organization on issues he's interested in, as Andrew Gillum is also doing.

Shaw intends to remain in Tampa rather than returning to his boyhood home in Tallahassee.

"I'm going to continue to be public and visible on the issues I care about leading up to the next election cycle," he said. "I'm in discussions to take a public stance on issues and maybe start an organization that's involved in some of these issues" — insurance, education, the environment, guns and others.

Specifically: He's not interested in a Hillsborough County commissioner race. What about the District 19 state Senate seat, currently held by Darryl Rouson? "I'm not saying no," he said.