If you happen to be single, looking to move and maybe even likely to mingle, Florida could be the place for you.

Personal finance website WalletHub recently released its ranking of the best and worst states for singles and Florida came out on top. The Sunshine State beat out top contenders California, Texas, New York and Pennsylvania for the singular glory.

WalletHub looked at three main categories: dating economics, dating opportunities, and romance and fun. It then broke those categories down to 28 relevant metrics rating things like share of single adults, gender balance, coffee and beer prices, crime rate and nightlife options per capita.

Source: WalletHub

Florida shined the brightest with restaurants per capita, having more than any other state. It’s also got the eighth most movie theaters per capita and percent of singles, but wound up midway down the list when it came to online or mobile dating opportunities.

Last year, WalletHub released a list of best and worst cities for singles. Tampa was Florida’s highest ranked city at 29, with Orlando close behind at 30.

WalletHub’s experts said singles should consider an area’s gender balance when looking for a dateable new city.

“Singles should be conscious of what anthropologists call the ‘sex ratio’ – That is, the ratio of males to females in area,” said Gwendolyn Seidman, a psychology expert. “When sex ratios are unbalanced (i.e., more women than men or more men than women), this can shift the power dynamics in dating, since the less plentiful sex has the power to be choosier and set the terms.”

Seldman also said sentiment leans more toward heterosexual couples. Cities with a substantial LGBT population should be considered if you’re looking for same-sex dating options, she said.

And on the other end of the spectrum, WalletHub said West Virginia is the worst state for singles, followed closely by Arkansas, North Dakota and Wyoming.