This week saw big news, such as President Donald Trump declaring a state of emergency on the southern border and Amazon scraping its plans for a second headquarters in New York City.

But LA Times food columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson had one of the most talked about stories of the week: His ranking on the best and worst fast food french fries.

“That’s right, my friends, I am pleased as punch to announce the authoritative, totally not subjective, incontrovertibly definitive and 100% correct L.A. Times Fast Food French Fry Rankings,” Peterson writes.

From California’s own In-N-Out to international mainstay McDonald’s to more under-the-radar options such as Dairy Queen, Peterson’s assessment drew plenty of reaction.

Five Guys claimed the top honors for french fries that are “perfectly cooked,” Peterson explained to NPR’s Audie Cornish.

In last place was In-N-Out’s fries, a move that caused much controversy among west-coasters who claim the chain as part of their identity. “The fries are fresh. I will grant that. But the fries aren’t properly cooked,” Peterson told Cornish.

Readers agreed, disagreed and in the spirit of the internet, vehemently debated. Even the LA Times’ own felt obligated to take a stand.

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While there are no In-N-Out restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, there are no shortage of fries to debate over. Where are your favorites found?