Spring Break on South Beach may not be quite as rollicking in future years, if Miami Beach leaders implement a range of crowd-control measures they are considering to curb the throngs of people who flock to the destination each year.

The Miami Herald reported the commissioners discussed at a March 21 meeting what to do about out-of-control masses this time of year. So many people headed to South Beach this last weekend that police blocked traffic coming to the island over MacArthur Causeway for an hour last Saturday night.

Among the ideas discussed Wednesday: "Making marijuana arrests, banning scooter rentals, limiting alcohol sales and even blasting classical music from loudspeakers," the Herald said.

Commissioners suggested reversing marijuana legislation adopted in 2015 to issue fines for misdemeanor possession instead of arrest. Another plan already headed to a future commission vote is banning scooter rentals during high-volume time periods, in order to keep roads somewhat clear for emergency vehicles.

A third possibility:

Rosen Gonzalez, a Congressional candidate, made another suggestion: Blasting music that spring breakers would hate to break up the party on the sand. Perhaps marches by John Philip Sousa or some Mozart. “I think we should do something radical,” she said.

There's further talk of increasing the number of police, tightening rules on alcohol and making sure potential Spring Breakers learn the rules before they arrive. Read the rest here.