Uber Eats is delivering 'free' chicken McNuggets across Tampa Bay

You'll still have to pay the delivery fee, but the 10-piece McNuggets are free.

If you've got a hankering for McDonald's McNuggets in the Tampa Bay area you can get a free 10-piece order delivered any time today before 10 p.m. via the Uber Eats app.

You'll still have to pay the Uber booking fee of around $5.49 (it can vary), but you'll save the additional $4.49 that a 10-piece nuggets normally costs.

So, essentially, you're paying around $1 to have your nuggets delivered to your door without waiting in a drive-thru. That seems like a win to some of us here in the Tampa Bay Times newsroom, but "that's a personal choice everyone has to make for themselves," is how one editor put it.

Our nuggets arrived in 14 minutes flat, though delivery times will vary, especially as news of the deal spreads.

One delivery driver said that as lunch time approached, the number of Uber Eats drivers at a McDonald's in St. Petersburg was way above normal.

"It was nuts," Uber Eats driver Chris Earle said. "I'll usually see one or two other drivers there on occasion."

The offer includes 113 participating McDonald's restaurants. If your local McDonald's is taking part, the Free Chicken McNugget Day deal should appear on the app's homepage.