Spring Hill marketing firm teaches digital savvy

Approach particularly important in Hernando County’s small business ecosystem.
Published March 18

SPRING HILL — Staging an effective presence on social media – getting a message in front of a world of customers – is the No. 1 reason business owners call on Stitch to My Lue Promotions.

The independent marketing firm, owned by Danielle Lue, is armed with ideas for turning browsers into buyers, which is especially helpful for the independent and small businesses that make up the bulk of Hernando County commerce.

Lue’s marketplace offers branded apparel and promotional swag. The firm also designs mailings and trade-show stagings. But digital is where it’s at today, said the business owner with 10 years of marketing experience in the corporate world.

Founded eight years ago in a home office, the firm has grown to a staff of four and celebrated a ribbon cutting this month “to let people know we’re here in bricks-and-mortar and with teams to serve,” said Lue, 42.

Cruising digital media is “the new window shopping” for those considering a purchase, according to Nicole Leinbach-Reyle, who wrote in a recent issue of Forbes. “We live in a world where people visit online before they visit your store, restaurant or office.”

Lue’s group designs those websites.

“We partner with clients, sit down and see what the target market is, what budget they have,” she said, “and develop a marketing and branding strategy from there.”

Key is reaching the target market of potential customers. Lue Promotions buys lists of names and addresses, “the secret sauce” that identifies those targets, whether by previous purchases, family composition, age or leisure pursuits, she said.

“If you’ve ever filled out a survey or looked at a (product) online, that data has been sold to a provider,” Lue explained.

To prompt website clicks, Lue draws on an old technique that has renewed interest — direct mail postcards.

As people increasingly tossed “junk mail” with nary a look, advertisers cut those mailings. With less mailbox overload nowadays, recipients are paying attention again to unsolicited mailings. She suggests to clients a postcard mailing that can prompt recipients to look at a firm’s website.

But why a website at all when businesses can post on Facebook for free?

“You don’t own your Facebook posting,” Lue said. “Facebook does. Facebook can shut them down at any time and for any reason.”

Especially in a small business arena, such as Hernando County, businesses are on Facebook because they think a website is expensive, she said, adding, “there are very affordable solutions as well, a basic page for as low as $150.”

In other pricing: a program of targeted postcard mailings, $500 to $800; promotional swag, from 24 cents for a pen to $61 for a desk organizer filled with Godiva chocolates.

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Stitch to My Lue Promotions is at 13779 Linden Dr., Southside Plaza, Spring Hill; hours by appointment 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; phone (352)340-4343. Online: stitchtomylue.com.