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Tue. September 1, 2009 | Times Staff

Fabulous One, oh how I have missed thee. The rankings, the debate, the hate mail, the scathing comments from Largo fans. Sigh. It's been too long.

So here we go: the 2009 Friday Night Rewind Fabulous 50, put together every week by your favorite video hosts John C. Cotey and Joey Knight. We're rolling the dice in Week 1, and of course there's the coveted "Fabulous Battle For No. 50", which features mighty Pinellas Park against mighty Osceola. The winner stays in at least for another week. The loser? Banished to the Not-Fabulous-At-All 51-And-Beyond.

Can you feel it? I'm giddy. Let's get to it.

TP_310004_ALLE_football_04 1. Plant
   This week:
hosts No. 5 TBT.
   Joey says: Withholding judgement on the Panthers until they play with a full squad.
   Cotey says: I need a new catchphrase this year. Think I'm going with "What tha...???!!!" As in, Phillip Ely, above, might miss the season with a back injury? What tha....???!!!
2. Armwood
   This week: at Newsome
   Joey says: I'm starting to sip on the Armwood-as-state-contender Kool-Aid.
   Cotey says: Matt Jones and Josh Grady made me a glass. It's quite tasty.
3. Largo
This week: hosts Dunedin, Thursday
   Joey says: Myrick Gwyn scores (via punt return) on his first play of 2009. I'll take that as a nice omen for the Pack.
   Cotey says: I think the Packers put it on Dunedin in a big way this week.

4. Hillsborough
   This week: hosts Jefferson
   Joey says: Terriers defense seems ahead of the offense at this point.
   Cotey says: Hillsborough-Jefferson will be best game of the week. Fact.
5. Tampa Bay Tech
   This week:
at Plant
   Joey says:
I'll say it for the umpteenth time, Cotey: It wouldn't shock me if TBT went into Dads Stadium and won.
   Cotey says: I'd trump you if I knew a number higher than umpteenth.
6. Tampa Catholic

   This week:
at South Lake.
   Joey says: Once the swine flu scare subsides, the Crusaders will be allergic to nothing except Jesuit.
   Cotey says: TC might wanna bring some flashlights with them to South Lake.
7. Countryside
   This week:
at Boca Ciega
   Joey says: Cougars flashed some offensive versatility Friday against Jesuit.
   Cotey says:
Two words: Alton Taylor. One number: 1,500.

8. Nature Coast Tech
   This week: at Central
   Joey says: Sharks have to convince me they haven't lost their 2008 mojo.
   Cotey says: Good point, Joey. New coach Mark Lee is nice. But is he too nice?
9. Jefferson
   This week:
at Hillsborough
   Joey says: Cotey, I'm annointing the Dragons a bona fide 3A state title contender right now.
   Cotey says:
Andre Davis go boom!
10. Pasco
   This week:
   Joey says: Several observers have told me Hernando, a 48-0 loser Friday to Pasco, isn't that bad. Pasco's that good.
   Cotey says:
If I could date a football team, I think I'd date the Pirates. I have butterflies.

11. Lakewood
   This week:
hosts Gibbs.
   Joey says: Could've put up 60 on King Friday had it not been for, oh, about 600 penalty yards.
   Cotey says: The spring is definitely back in the step of the Spartans.
12. Tarpon Springs
   This week: at Palm Harbor University
   Joey says: Cotey, when can we shoot another Friday Night Rewind segment at Mama's Greek Cuisine?
   Cotey says: Hmmm? Would 10 straight shows featuring Tarpon look bad?
13. Alonso
   This week: hosts Brandon
   Joey says: Handoffs at Alonso are about as frequent as space shuttle launchings.
   Cotey says: Word is the Ravens defense ain't no joke either.
14. Jesuit
   This week: at Lakeland Kathleen
   Joey says: Bobby Eveld may be the most underrated quarterback in Hillsborough County
   Cotey says: Erik McGriff may be the most missed wide receiver in Hillsborough County.
15. Newsome
   This week: hosts Armwood
   Joey says: Wolves still have some kinks to iron out, but doesn't everyone?
   Cotey says: Not me. I wear Dockers wrinkle-free slacks.
16. St. Petersburg
   This week: hosts East Lake
   Joey says: Someone extend Joe Fabrizio's contract (No wait, this is high school).
   Cotey says: Joe Fab + Fab 50 = Fab-u-licious.
17. Wharton
   This week: hosts Spoto
   Joey says: Wildcats' QB derby may not be settled until kickoff -- or even halftime -- Friday against Spoto.
   Cotey says: I hear Luke McCown is the frontrunner.
18. Land O’Lakes
   This week: hosts Ridgewood
   Joey says: The glimpse we caught of Matt Kitchie's Gators last week was favorable.
   Cotey says: Stevie Weatherford-to-Alex Robinson best unsung QB-WR combo in Tampa Bay.
19. Spoto
   This week: at Wharton
   Joey says: I really like the Spartans' athleticism and their ability to operate two offenses.
   Cotey says: Should the Spartans be lower due to loss of their QB? Maybe.
20. East Lake
   This week: at St. Petersburg
   Joey says: Didn't get a fair look at the Eagles in their preseason quarter against Land O'Lakes.
   Cotey says: Eagles should be an improved squad. Improved enough to grab a playoff spot. Yep. You heard me.
21. Freedom
   This week: at Riverview
   Joey says: I think James Harrell gets it done at Freedom...eventually.
   Cotey says: If I had any eligibility left, I'd play for Harrell....what? Wait, I do?
22. Gibbs
   This week: at Lakewood
   Joey says: A year from now, I say Gibbs won't be an 'F' school -- on or off the field.
   Cotey says: I'm just hoping Donnie Abraham lasts more than one season. Stability, people!
23. Durant
   This week: hosts Chamberlain
   Joey says: Cougars offense seemed to be missing vs. Gaither. It will be found Friday vs. Chamberlain.
   Cotey says: Alot of teams will be finding their offense, defense and car keys against Chambo this year.
24. Dunedin
   This week: at Largo, Thursday
   Joey says: Ali Cheaib had a dazzling season opener (vs. Bogie) in 2008. He'll need another one (vs. Largo) Thursday.
   Cotey says: Ryan Singer has better be all that, and a bag chips, and a cold soda. Just sayin.'
25. Robinson
   This week: hosts Leto
   Joey says: Wonder how the new quarterback will work out.
   Cotey says: High hopes dulled a little by last week's loss to St. Petersburg.

26. Plant City
   This week: at East Bay
   Joey says: Here's a novel concept -- the Raiders actually get a home schedule this year.
   Cotey says: New schools means its starting to get crowded out there in Plant City. Turf war!!
27. Sickles
   This week: hosts Gaither
   Joey says: Not convinced the triple-option can work at Sickles. We'll see.
   Cotey says: Eh. I'll believe Sickles can win when I see it. Though good job with the hype.
28. Gulf
   This week: at Hudson
   Joey says: Bucs' season got off to a sluggish start, but that always seems to be the case.
   Cotey says: I think Gulf-Hudson is the second best game of the week. No, for realz, it is.
29. Lennard
   This week: hosts Bloomingdale
   Joey says: I said the Longhorns were playoff contenders before they shut down East Bay last Friday.
   Cotey says: I said the Longhorns were playoff contenders before you said it. So there.
30. East Bay
   This week: hosts Plant City
   Joey says: Indians offense showed us nothing in the kickoff classic against Lennard. Maybe that was the idea.
   Cotey says: Any offense than is named after an eaten chicken bone is okay by me.
31. Northeast
   This week: hosts Dixie Hollins
   Joey says: Here's a nice numerical omen -- Vikings have made playoffs every odd-numbered year this decade.
   Cotey says: The Wing-T is here to stay, apparently.
32. PHU
   This week: hosts Tarpon Springs
   Joey says: Will the spread splatter Friday against a very good Tarpon Springs defense?
   Cotey says: I think PHU is better than No. 31. I just don't think we'll start to notice until AFTER this week.
33. Leto
   This week: at Robinson
   Joey says: Truthfully, the Falcons didn't get much of a test Friday at Blake.
   Cotey says: I was there. Not blown away. To be fair, tough to tell against a surprisingly bad Blake team.
34. Boca Ciega
   This week: hosts Countryside
   Joey says: I picked the Pirates to finish last in their district. Bogie, consider that your bulletin-board material.
   Cotey says: They won't be last in the district, Joey. You need to get back in game form, pal.
35. Gaither
   This week: at Sickles
   Joey says: Cowboys will struggle to hold on to the Northwest Classic trophy this Friday against Sickles.
   Cotey says: Some have suggested considering players lost and schedule, No. 34 is generous.
36. King
   This week: at Blake
   Joey says: Too many kids being asked to go both ways. That works in 1A, not 4A.
   Cotey says: King has a dream, and it's .500. Will be off to a good start after Friday.
37. Riverview
   This week: hosts Freedom
   Joey says: Sharks have some sweet unis, they just don't have enough bodies wearing them.
   Cotey says: Well, they won't be as bad as they were last season. So, um, that's something.
38. Hudson
   This week: hosts Gulf
   Joey says: If Cobras beat Gulf, I'll publicly apologize to Zack Wynn for not naming him one of our area's top 10 QBs.
   Cotey says: You're soft.
39. River Ridge
   This week: at Mitchell
   Joey says: Knights will exploit an understaffed Mitchell squad to begin the season 1-0.
   Cotey says: Always picking the Knights. Hmmmm, wonder why...Joey KNIGHT?
40. Chamberlain
   This week: at Durant
   Joey says: Chiefs were in for a rebuilding season regardless of who's coaching them.
   Cotey says: The Chiefs will do well to finish 1-9. I hate to say it. I really do.
41. Clearwater
   This week: at Seminole
   Joey says: Only two months until basketball practice starts.
   Cotey says: If Tornadoes don't start 2-0, a loooong season lay ahead.
42. Brandon
   This week: at Alonso
   Joey says: An injury outbreak made the Eagles the area's best 2-8 team last year.
   Cotey says: So, you're saying No. 41 is too low? Why didn't you speak up sooner?
43. Bloomingdale
   This week: at Lennard
   Joey says: Who's the coach at Bloomingdale this week?
   Cotey says: That's just wrong. I'm glad there's at least one nice guy on this show. Hi, Bulls!
44. Mitchell
   This week: hosts River Ridge
   Joey says: Right out of the gate, Mustangs lose their QB. Ouch.
   Cotey says: This was a Top 30 team just a week ago.
45. Springstead
   This week: hosts Hernando
   Joey says: Lost nearly every significant skill player from 2008
   Cotey says: Other than that, they should rock in 2009.
46. Wiregrass Ranch
   This week: at Sunlake
   Joey says: After a preseason rout of Central, are the Bulls destined for a Miracle Season in MeadowPointe?
   Cotey says: I really wanted to put them higher. Only thing that stopped me was, well, it was Central.
47. Wesley Chapel
   This week: at Clearwater Central Catholic
   Joey says: Before its roster was depleted by free agency, I really liked this team.
   Cotey says: 26-4 from 2002-04. Treading water 2005-08. Sinking in 2009?
48. Middleton
   This week: bye
   Joey says: Hard to gauge a team that plays its preseason game at Armwood.
   Cotey says: Tigers are in this poll because of Jason Stokes. Now, the players need to keep them here.
49. Berkeley Prep
   This week:
   Joey says: Cotey, did YOU put Berkeley Prep way down here?
   Cotey says: I don't (cough) know what you are talking about (cough) Joey.
(tie) 50. Pinellas Park
   This week: host Osceola
   Joey says: A team that can use all the practice it can get didn't have a preseason game.
   Cotey says: Note to self: don't talk to always-positive Kenny Crawford before putting together Fab 50, or you may rank Patriots.
(tie) 50. Osceola
   This week: at Pinellas Park
   Joey says: Cotey, did YOU put Osceola way up here?
   Cotey says: I only did it so we could talk about the big No. 50 versus No. 50 showdown this week.

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