A clue to TBT WR Richard Benjamin's school choice?



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Mon. July 2, 2012 | Laura Keeley | Email

A clue to TBT WR Richard Benjamin's school choice?

What would the world do without Twitter?

Well, for one, my days would be significantly less interesting.

I was intrigued when Bright House's Ryan Bass tweeted at 10:34 p.m. Sunday night, "BIG BIG BIG recruiting news coming for #UCF  Tuesday," (I was in the middle of a 12-hour, flight-delay odyssey, so, really, this was a welcome distraction). A user named @chiucfgal, who identifies herself as a UCF alumna in her bio, asked Bass at 12:14 p.m. Monday, "Any time confirmed for it?" Bass replied four minutes later, "working on it. I have the go-ahead that we will have live programming of 1 and maybe 2 kids making commitment on @BHSN. Time TBA."

Interestingly enough, Bass announced, again via Twitter, "CONFIRMED: #TBT WR Richard Benjamin (@BenjaminR_2)  will make college decision LIVE on @ Ch. 47/1147 July 9 at 4p. #UCF #USF #Vanderbilt" at 1:03 p.m, a little less than an hour after talking about scheduling plans.

@chiucfgal, the same user from before, asked him at 1:07 p.m. "July 9?" Bass replied a minute later, "yeah, we are pushing it back to promote it."

Hmm. Now, keep in mind, this is what is pubicly available thanks to Twitter. Could the promised "big" recruiting news for UCF be unrelated to Benjamin's announcement? I mean, yes, that's a possibility, but is it a likely one?

Count me amoung those who think Benjamin is UCF bound.

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