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Sat. December 3, 2011 | John C. Cotey | Email

Cotey: The Hot List, Week 14

You can read it, put your coffee on it to keep it warm, clip it out and use it to fry eggs on, but just don’t touch it. It’s hot! Every weekend, St. Petersburg Times columnist John C. Cotey brings you the Hot List, telling you what’s trending most in the world of high school sports.

1. #First?
Can Admiral Farragut become the first team in Pinellas County history to win a state title? If Friday's domination of Belle Glade Glades Day, which has averaged 53 points in its last six wins over Pinellas County opposition and beat the Blue Jackets 72-7 in their last meeting in 2001, doesn't convince you, nothing will.
2. #McWho?
McHugh, that's who. Pasco coach Tom McHugh has had to listen to people criticize his team, their players, the schedule all season, and last week it was suggested he would be outcoached by Jesuit. And yet, the coaches still working in next week's state semifinals are named Robert Weiner, Sean Callahan and…Tom McHugh.
3. #MillerTime
Speaking of coaches, I've been saying Palm Harbor University's Matt LePain makes a heckuva case for Coach of the Year, but Friday, with his team's dismantling of a seven-time state champ, Chris Miller made a better case.
4. #3GE
Pasco's Trey Dudley-Giles, Janarion Grant, Jacob Guy and David Emmanuel are the best, most consistent, most underrated group of playmakers I've ever seen on one team.
5. #TheApocalypse
Do you know how close we came to having zero Hillsborough County football teams alive today, but two from Pinellas and one from Pasco? I actually had to swat away a few locusts before Plant and Armwood turned things around.
6. #AlvinBailey
Again, with the save.
7. #EastLake
Written off. Disparaged. Given no chance. And you know the rest of the story. (Pssst…most everyone's back next year).
8. #AGuy'sGuy
Yeah, Jacob Guy makes the list twice, because that's what happens when you complete 17 of 18 passes against a state quarterfinal team that usually doesn't let you do that.
9. #RoadTrip!
Armwood and Plant host. Farragut heads to Orlando. Pasco's reward for beating Jesuit: Wakulla County. WooooHoocoughcoughcough.
10. #DominickCiao
Tampa's own old ball coach may have had his best shot to win a state title this season, but he proved by hanging with bigger, stronger Delray Beach American Heritage that he's still the master.
Have a performance or team you think should make the Hot List? Let John C. Cotey know at cotey@tampabay.com or follow him at @JohnnyHometeam on Twitter.


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