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Sat. October 29, 2011 | John C. Cotey | Email

Cotey: The Hot List, Week 9

You can read it, put your coffee on it to keep it warm, clip it out and use it to fry eggs on, but just don't touch. It's hot! Every weekend, Times preps columnist John C.Cotey will you bring the Hot List, telling you what's trending most in the world of prep sports. 

1. #StillTheOne
Armwood. 'Nuff said.
2. #Defense
Little known fact. While other schools were starting spring practice last May, Armwood's defense was part of the unit that got Osama Bin Laden.
3. #Samson
Samson had his flowing locks, and Robinson football has coach Mike DePue's ponytail. As long as you can see that thing flopping around on the sideline, the Knights are all right. And Friday night, Lakewood wasn't.
4. #RaidersOfTheLostUndefeatedSeason
The Eagles and Tyrell Garner made strawberry shortwork of perfect-no-more Plant City, setting up a potential tiebreaker.
5. #ClassIsOut
Longtime Shorecrest football coach Phil Hayford won't be back, but he leaves an impressive legacy.
6. #Streaking
Only one team has a longer regular-season win streak than Countryside's 24-game run. (Hint: See No. 1).
7. #BigBoy
One part Matt Jones, two parts nastiness, and guess what football team just got a little better?
8. #High-Five(ay)
It took Chris Taylor two years to get new school Fivay into the playoffs, barring a 9-mile miracle next week, which is about as good as a coach can do.
9. #PlantPlantPlant
No no no, not the football team. The volleyball team! Just exactly how many players do the Panthers have to graduate before they DON'T win a district championship.
10. #Osceola
Voted Most Unlikely Team to Still be Alive in Playoff Race in Week 10. (But the Warriors are!)
Think your football team or volleyball player or swimmer belongs on John C. Cotey's Hot List? Let him know at cotey@sptimes.com or follow him at @JohnnyHometeam on Twitter.


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