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Thu. September 9, 2010 | John C. Cotey | Email

Ten questions to think about on the way to your football game Friday night:

1. Brandon won its season opener last week for the first time since 2004 when it beat Alonso 27-7. The Eagles also have a 27-0 preseason classic win over Riverview, and beat Bloomingdale 28-6 in a half of spring ball. Their rushing attack looks strong. So is Brandon, which shares a district with Tampa Bay Tech, Freedom and Wharton, a playoff team?

2. Speaking of playoffs (way too soon, I might add, but I can’t resist), how about King, winner over Middleton last week but still needing to get by Hillsborough eventually?

3. Speaking of Hillsborough, the Terriers have lost three straight games. Will tonight’s game at Plant be No. 4, their longest losing streak since dropping the final two games of 2002, their playoff game and 2003 season opener against Armwood?

4. Speaking of Hillsborough vs. Plant, will something crazy happen in that game? Last year, it was rained out twice. The year before, Aaron Murray broke his leg.

5. Speaking of Aaron Murray, does he outduel former Jefferson star Stephen Garcia on Saturday?

6. Speaking of Jefferson, is its game with Newsome a rivalry? They’ve met only once, and it was canceled and created quite the hubbub over what constitutes a complete game.

7. Speaking of not finishing thi ...

8. Speaking of making a pass at a bad joke, how about the passing of Spoto’s Nick Addison, and did he really throw for 321 yards last week?

9. Speaking of Nick Addison’s passes, did Danny Taylor really catch five of them for 217 yards? (Bonus: Number of the week — 313, total yards for Taylor, who also added 96 rushing. Last year, he had 400 in 10 games.)

10. I’m thinking a 50-yard field and nets on both sides for the Jefferson-Spoto game. Who’s with me?

Answers: 1. Yes; 2. Not quite; 3. Yes, but the streak ends next week; 4. Yes. There ends up being some issue with the new turf; 5. Yes; 6. No; 7. Hahahaha … oh, come on, that’s comedy gold; 8. Yes; 9. Yes. Spoto may not have enough weapons, but few have two any better than the Spartan duo; 10. No one?


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