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Wed. September 9, 2009 | John C. Cotey | Email

Hi? How you guys doing?

I was wondering if you could do me a favor -- find the writers, assuming it was writers, who voted for Ridgewood and Clearwater in the latest AP poll, and make them watch a Jon and Kate plus 8 marathon.


I'm just saying, you know, since Ridgewood wasn't in last week's poll before losing 52-0 to Land O'Lakes, and now is in the poll. Not only that, but four votes? That means either more than one person voted them into their top 10, or one person voted them No. 7. I'm not sure which scenario scares me more.

Also, Clearwater got three votes in the Class 5A poll, which might only be the best classification in the state. By my count, that means your poll is saying that the Tornadoes (who did at least win last week) are the 16th best 5A team in the state. Oh, and better than Alonso as well, since the Ravens only got a single vote.

I know here at the Times, we didn't nominate either team (no offense, guys). Unless you're including high school newspapers or booster clubs in your polling this year, I can't imagine anyone else who would.

I'm not one for bashing polls, but this is, well, embarrassing. If such a respectable news organization as yourself is going to put your name on a poll, I would think you might demand better. So find these people -- hint: start with the ballots that put Chamberlain and Brandon into last week's poll -- and send them packing.

Since I put together an unnaturally flawless poll myself each week -- the Fab 50, maybe you've heard of it? -- I understand your difficulties and am here to help.



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