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Thu. August 28, 2014 | Times Staff

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Our staff writers, along with guest pickers Josh Newberg of 247Sports, @pascocountyfb’s Tom Ketchum, Rivals’ Mike Singer and MaxPreps’ Stephen Spiewak, predict the top 10 games in Tampa Bay this week:

Countryside at Lakewood
John Cotey: Lakewood, 23-17
Rodney Page: Lakewood, 28-1
Kelly Parsons: Countryside, 18-17
Bob Putnam: Lakewood, 21-20
Josh Newberg: Lakewood, 32-18
Tom Ketchum: Lakewood, 28-20
Mike Singer: Lakewood, 27-14
Stephen Spiewak: Lakewood, 28-21

Sunlake at Pasco
John Cotey: Pasco, 20-7
Rodney Page: Pasco, 27-10
Kelly Parsons: Pasco, 21-17
Bob Putnam: Pasco, 14-13
Josh Newberg: Pasco, 17-7
Tom Ketchum: Pasco, 17-10
Mike Singer: Pasco, 16-13
Stephen Spiewak: Pasco, 24-21

Plant at Lowndes (Ga.)
John Cotey: Lowndes, 27-20
Rodney Page: Lowndes, 21-7
Kelly Parsons: Plant, 17-14
Bob Putnam: Lowndes, 23-21
Josh Newberg: Lowndes, 31-20
Tom Ketchum: Plant, 17-7
Mike Singer: Plant, 20-10
Stephen Spiewak: Plant, 28-20

Alonso at Jefferson
John Cotey: Jefferson, 28-27
Rodney Page: Alonso, 20-17
Kelly Parsons: Alonso, 31-28
Bob Putnam: Alonso, 28-21
Josh Newberg: Alonso, 30-27
Tom Ketchum: Jefferson, 21-17
Mike Singer: Alonso, 14-10
Stephen Spiewak: Jefferson, 35-21

Land O’Lakes at River Ridge
John Cotey: Land O’Lakes, 18-17
Rodney Page: Land O’Lakes, 31-14
Kelly Parsons: Land O’Lakes, 24-17
Bob Putnam: Land O’Lakes, 21-13
Josh Newberg: Land O’Lakes, 27-24
Tom Ketchum: Land O’ Lakes, 21-14
Mike Singer: Land O’Lakes, 34-16
Stephen Spiewak: Land O'Lakes, 28-10

Seminole at Osceola
John Cotey: Seminole, 10-7
Rodney Page: Osceola, 14-10
Kelly Parsons: Osceola, 10-3
Bob Putnam: Seminole, 17-14
Josh Newberg: Seminole, 28-0
Tom Ketchum: Seminole 17-10
Mike Singer: Osceola 24-10
Stephen Spiewak: Osceola, 21-14

Gibbs at St. Petersburg
John Cotey: St. Petersburg, 30-28
Rodney Page: Gibbs, 25-21
Kelly Parsons: Gibbs, 28-12
Bob Putnam: Gibbs, 19-17
Josh Newberg: Gibbs, 24-17
Tom Ketchum: St. Petersburg 14-10
Mike Singer: St. Petersburg, 21-7
Stephen Spiewak: St. Petersburg, 35-32

Robinson at Sickles
John Cotey: Sickles, 23-12
Rodney Page: Sickles, 35-21
Kelly Parsons: Sickles, 42-24
Bob Putnam: Sickles, 28-20
Josh Newberg:  Sickles, 35-24
Tom Ketchum: Sickles, 31-17
Mike Singer: Sickles, 35-10
Stephen Spiewak: Sickles 35-10

Palm Harbor University at East Lake
John Cotey: East Lake, 35-7
Rodney Page: East Lake, 24-21
Kelly Parsons: East Lake, 21-9
Bob Putnam: East Lake, 28-7
Josh Newberg: East Lake, 42-10
Tom Ketchum: East Lake, 28-14
Mike Singer: East Lake, 45-7
Stephen Spiewak: East Lake, 31-13

Citrus at Springstead
John Cotey: Springstead, 14-10
Rodney Page: Springstead, 17-7
Kelly Parsons: Springstead, 31-17
Bob Putnam: Springstead, 20-14
Josh Newberg: Citrus 28-20
Tom Ketchum: Springstead, 24-17
Mike Singer: Springstead, 21-6
Stephen Spiewak: Springstead, 20-10

The best of the guests will get to stick around another week, while we bring in three new pickers. Think you have what it takes to hang with the experts? Hit up @JohnnyHomeTeam, and maybe you’ll be in the mix next week. 


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