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Thu. March 21, 2013 | Joel Anderson

Baseball super seven
1. Jesuit (12-0):
The nation’s No. 1 team according to MaxPreps.com and PerfectGame.org, the Tigers have won all 12 of their games by a combined score of 131-12.

2. Steinbrenner (11-1): After their first loss of the season, to Strawberry Crest in the Saladino Tournament, the Warriors rebounded with a 12-2 rout of Freedom in five innings Tuesday.

3. Durant (11-3): Won five of past six, including a run to the Saladino semifinals and a shutout of Wharton on Tuesday. Cougars look like the prohibitive favorite in District 8A-7.

4. King (10-2): The Lions lost to Strawberry Crest in the Saladino tournament but stayed undefeated in District 6A-11 by repaying the favor 1-0 against the Chargers on Tuesday.

5. Plant (9-4): Panthers’ young talent shook off a seventh-inning collapse to Hillsborough last week to win two straight, including vs. Saladino Tournament winner Bloomingdale this week.

6. Bloomingdale (10-5): The aforementioned Saladino champion has won nine of past 10 but is second to last in 8A-7 with a 1-4 record.

7. Jefferson (11-4): Pop Cuesta’s latest outfit is young, athletic and versatile, notching recent wins over Alonso and Strawberry Crest. The Dragons will improve as the season goes along.
In the conversation: Newsome (10-4), Strawberry Crest (11-5), Brandon (10-4), Alonso (9-5).

(minimum 20 at-bats)
Player, school    AB    H    BA
Levi Gilcrease, Cam    20    11    .550
Jamal Wilson, Blo    40    22    .550
Kyle Tucker, Pla    31    16    .548
Ryan McCullers, Jes    34    18    .529
Leland Saile, Jes    31    16    .516
Daniel Portales, Jes    33    16    .485
Spencer Trayner, Jes    34    16    .471
Jo. Guzzman, Leto    26    12    .462
Brenden Rivera, B-D    24    11    .458   
R. Trajan, Cha    24    11    .458
Shawn Queen, Arm    31    14    .452
Alex Hanson, Ste    27    12    .444
Vincent Miniet, Jes    27    12    .444
Cole Gordon, Ste    23    10    .435
Erik Dowse, New    44    19    .432

Home runs
5: K. Tucker (Pla); 4: C. Chatfield (Spo), T. Danish (Dur), L. Gilcrease (Cam), C. Gordon (Ste), R. Lawson (Wha); 3: P. Alonso (Pla), J. Ambrosino (Blo), N. Eicholtz (Cam); 2: M. Cummings (Ste), E. Dowse (New), J. Kitchen (Fre), B. Rivera (B-D), Z. Sabo (Rob), M. Vaka (Pla)

17: T. Danish (Dur), D. Portales (Jes), K. Tucker (Pla); 16: J. Ambrosino (Blo), R. Lawson (Wha), S. Trayner (Jes); 15: C. Chatfield (Spo); 13: E. Dowse (New), M. Gonzalez (Wha), C. Gordon (Ste), R. McCullers (Jes); 12: T. Bacon (Sic), N. Ballestero (Alo), V. Miniet (Jes), J. Vega (Hil); 11: A. Atkinson (Fre), M. Giovannetti (Rob), O. Mercado (Gai), C. Minor (Gai), L. Saile (Jes), X. Rodriguez (Sic), P. Sims (Dur), R. Trajan (Cha); 10: M. Collado (SC), M. Fajardo (Bra), M. Farley (New), J. Gagain (New), M. Gonzalez (Wha), A. Hanson (Ste), E. Iglesia (Sic), D. Johnson (Hil), A. Kranick (Wha), M. Vaka (Pla)

(minimum 20 innings)
Player, school    IP    W-L    ERA
T. Danish, Dur    35    6-0    0.00
S. Jeffcoat, B-D    23.2    2-1    0.00
C. Crouse, Blo    28    2-1    0.50
E. Hinostroza, Bra    26.2    3-0    0.52
B. Caples, King    22    4-0    0.64
B. Morales, King    30    4-1    0.70
K. Long, PC    25    4-1    0.84
C. Smith, SC    25    4-1    0.84
H. Henderson, Gai    28    3-1    1.00
C. Smith, TC    24.2    3-0    1.14
L. Crouse, Blo    29.2    5-2    1.18
J. Woodford, Pla    28.2    2-1    1.22
A. Faedo, Alo    28.1    5-1    1.24
R. Shives, Alo    22    0-2    1.27
R. Tauscher, New    32.1    5-1    1.30

58: T. Danish (Dur); 54: S. Jeffcoat (B-D); 49: J. Pupo (Leto); 48: A. Faedo (Alo); 42: T. Bacon (Sic), R. Tauscher (New); 37: B. Morales (King); 36: C. Crouse (Blo); 35: C. Fowler (Dur); 33: J. Woodford (Pla); 30: K. Bruce (EB), J. Kilichowski (Jes), D. Moore (Hil); 29: K. Long (PC), C. Smith (SC); 28: T. Thompson (SC); 27: S. Trayner (Jes); 26: A. Chase (Gai); 25: G. Dunn (Ste), N. Eicholtz (Cam), S. Martin (TP); 23: B. Caples (King), L. Crouse (Blo), E. Dowse (New), C. Smith (TC), J. Wilson (Blo)

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