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Wed. November 6, 2013 | John C. Cotey | Email

I'm in a zone. What can I say.

Not only did I win this week's Pick 'Em, with a 17-3 record -- thank you Berkeley Prep -- but I also moved into the overall lead. I'd like to cheer, but writing about myself?

Well, it's starting to get a little awkward.

I mean, I'm just a country boy, from a little Midwesterm town called Milwaukee. I grew up the son of a city bus driver and the finest mother a young boy could have. At the age of 7, I started playing Little League for a team called Harold's Body Shop. I'll never forget those days, the hot summer sun hitting my face as .... see what I'm saying? You guys let me win again next week and I swear, I'll write about every one of my Little League highlights and the year I was president of the Art Club in high school.

Instead, we should focus on the collapse of previous season leader Eric "Peezy" Clark, who was 13-7 in the biggest week of the season. Back home on the farm, we called that choking.

And what has happened to Tom Ketchum, the one-time leader? A 12-8 week? Same for Justin Miller, Jeff Odom, Bill Steele? People, you disappoint me.

As for the season standings, my lead is precarious, if you discount my brilliant consistency. My 159 correct picks (out of 200) leads the way, but the always dangerous Derek LaRiviere is two mere games behind me at 157, Peezy is at 156 and Alejandro Tamayo is sitting at 155. All three have won a weekly title this season, and I'm not sure you can discount another weekly winner, SHOCK, who is at 154.

So here we are folks. You get one last chance to catch me. Get at it:


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