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Tue. October 15, 2013 | John C. Cotey | Email

Christine Young won Pick 'Em last week, and you other contestants never had a chance.

Know what Christine does for fun? Watches football video on Hudl, often with her husband, an assistant coach at East Lake. Forget about what other sage advice he might impart as she's making her picks every week. She describes their football conversations as "vigorous."

See, you guys never a had chance.

A mother of four kids ages 22, 18, 9 and 9, Young correctly picked 17 of the 20 games last week. But that was only enough to tie her with two others. However, Christine was exceptional in the tiebreaker, which asked for the combined rushing yardage of Ray Ray McCloud III and Issac Holder, which was 189 yards. Christine predicted 190.

An Alabama native (War Eagle!) and elemntary school teacher in New Port Richey, Young is a regular weekly player who sometimes does her picks while watching Duck Dynasty. How can you beat that?

Answer: You don't, not this week at least.

As for the overall standings, things are getting hairy for your favorite prep columnist in the whole universe. A few unnecesary risks -- taking Chamberlain and Dixie Hollins -- backfired in a 14-6 week, and I am no longer tied for the lead.

The top spot belongs to Eric "Peezy" Clark, who was 16-4 last week and now stands alone at No. 1 with a 110-30 record. But his lead could be fleeting with just four weeks remaining, as Skurhidingid picked a game with a 17-3 week to pull into a second-place tie with SHOCK, at 109-31.

A cluster of four players -- the Fantastic Four, I shall call them -- of LaRiviere, Tamayo, Cotey and Ketchum are at 108-32. "Am I nervous?,'' said Ketchum. "I sprinkle nervous over my Wheaties every morning, and wash down my breakfast with a tall glass of anxiety. So to answer your question, no."

And lastly, this week's games. Have at 'em.



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