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Wed. October 30, 2013 | John C. Cotey | Email

For a week that was supposed to be so tough, turned out it really wasn't.

Especially for JC Thomas. Not only does Thomas have a great set of initials for a name, he also was the only picker to correct choose 17 of the 20 games correctly last week, capturing weekly honors. Even though we forgot to add the tiebreaker to last week's entry form, it was not needed. And talk about waiting until the last minute -- Thomas entered at 5:45 p.m. Friday, the second-to-last person to get in this week.

Thomas -- who should email me his shirt size and address at johncotey@gmail.com -- finished one game ahead of a group of 10 that went 16-4, and there was another 10 people at 15-5. So in the so-called toughest week of the season 21 of the 36 players had at least 15 right. Heck, even Reggie HomeTeam, who Matt Baker lets make picks based on which treat he takes out of which hand, was 14-6, the same or better than former winners Aljenadro Tamayo, Damonte and Ankeny Hawk, as well as BryanSLU (dude!) and Lattimo.


As for the season standings, wow, what a race. Peezy leads Cotey by 1, who leads Derek LaRiviere by 1, whgo leads SHOCK by 1, who leads Alejandro Tamayo by 1, who leads Toim Ketchum by 1. Someone is going to go with the chalk trying to preserve their position and pat the price. 


Here's this week's entry form:


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