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Wed. October 9, 2013 | John C. Cotey | Email

I had so much fun bragging about my victory last week, that I think I forgot all about the Pick Em this week. Oops.

Also, I'm truly disappointed I can't do it again this week.

I mean, I could have. Had I remembered to put a tiebreaker in last week's game.

But alas, I will have to settle with sharing my bragging rights with five others -- TitoG, Peezy, Mary Krause (there she is!), Steve S. and Derek LaRiviere, who all matched my 17 correct picks in 20 tries.


But the big news of the week: Tom Ketchum is in a slump. After finishing just one pick out of the championship last season then making a nice little playoff run, Ketchum is The Man. But his overall lead, which he has held for much of the season?


Ketchum now boasts a 94-26 record, but so do I (yay!), Peezy and Alejandro Tamayo. That makes it a 4-way tie, with five weeks to play. Folks, we have a game on our hands. And let's not forget, just one game behind, is SHOCK, and two games behind is Steve S., Skurdhidingid and LaRiviere. 

We'll be announcing our playoff format soon, but I'm pretty sure you want to try and get into the Top 20.

Okay people, let's see what you have:



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