HomeTeam Pick 'Em, Week 4: Can you Ketchum? No, no you can't



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Wed. September 18, 2013 | John C. Cotey | Email

So, was last week too easy? Yes, last week was too easy.

Of 98 participants in the HomeTeam Pick 'em this week, 10 of you got three or fewer wrong out of 20 games, and 28 of you got four or fewer wrong. That's more than a quarter of the field getting 16 out of 20 or better, and here I was celebrating by going 17-3 week.

Once the haze settled, however, five of you stood tallest, with 18-2 records: Alejandro Tamayo, Tom Ketchum, Garret Nevitt, Mac2Nite and Skurdhidingid. But the weekly title (seriously, I'm trying to dig up prizes, be patient) goes to....drum roll please.....TOM KETCHUM.

Ketchum, who is something of a Pick 'em legend (he was second last year by one game and won at least two of the weeks, if I recall), picked 77 for the combined points scored in the Leto-Blake and Wiregrass Ranch-River Ridge games, which was closest to the actual total of 89. Nevitt was second with 73, followed by Skurd in third (66).

I, however, had a better week than all of you. I just merely fliubbed my Spoto and Mitchell picks, or you would have all been toast. And I beat Reggie HomeTeam, Matt Baker's dog, which is very important.

Sadly, compiling season totals is a pain in the butt and we may have those for you later. Are there any Excel or Google Doc experts out there? I know there are. Help us; be a HomeTeam Hot Shot. No, really, you help us figure it out, I'll give you a HomeTeam Hot Shot tee. Hit me up: johncotey@gmail.com.

This week's results:

And here's your weekly entry form. Get some. And do it by 7 p.m. on Friday!


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