NFL draft Q&A with ex-TBT star Maurice Hagens



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Wed. May 7, 2014 | John C. Cotey | Email

NFL draft Q&A with ex-TBT star Maurice Hagens

Tampa Bay Times staff writer John C. Cotey caught up with former Tampa Bay Tech standout fullback Maurice Hagens (University of Miami) recently at a Titans practice. Here is what Hagens had to say about his football career and the upcoming NFL draft:
Is it hard not to get caught up in the fact that at the very least you’ll probably be invited to an NFL camp?
“It’s not necessarily not getting caught up in it, but I just have to be patient. If my name gets called though that’d be great.”
How long have you dreamed  about being an NFL player?
“Not until I got to high school. Football wasn’t a big thing. When I knew I could go to school for it and start excelling, that’s when the thought started sticking with me.”
If I gave you a million dollars to bet on one team that might take a chance on you, who would it be?
“I’d say the Packers. I’ve heard a lot from them and been hearing throughout the season. My teammate (Alonzo Highsmith), his dad is the scout for the Packers, so just hearing positive feedback from him has been good.”
You blocking in front of Eddie Lacy? That would be kind of nasty.
“That’d be something they’d have to deal with it. But I’m up for it.”
You’re standing here watching a high school practice. Do you ever miss those high school practices?
“Of course, of course. I don’t know; there is just something about high school football when I walk back on the field. When those lights go on. Just something about it”.
Then it becomes a job.
“It’s kind of a job, but it’s still fun. It’s what you make it. If you go treat it like a business but don’t have fun with it, you’re not gonna enjoy it. But I enjoy it. You’ve got to enjoy life. That’s how I see it. I enjoyed high school and I enjoyed college and if I get a chance at the next level, I’ll enjoy that, too.”


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