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Thu. March 1, 2012 | Matt Baker | Email

Baseball, Times’ Super Seven

Records through Wednesday

1.  Ridgewood (3-0): The Rams have had no trouble adapting to first-year coach Julius Matos.

2. Wiregrass Ranch (5-1): The Bulls opened the season with five convincing wins thanks to two of the area’s top hitters, Zack Drury and Michael Barrone.

3. Bishop McLaughlin (4-2): Tom LoSauro’s new team is already becoming one of the best on the North Suncoast.

4. Land O’Lakes (4-1): The Gators’ pitching staff has allowed only two runs in their first five games.

5. Fivay (4-1): Only a one-run loss to Ridgewood keeps the Falcons from a perfect start.

6. Pasco (5-3): Three straight wins have cured a slow start to the season.

7. Zephyrhills (2-2): A 3-2 win over Wesley Chapel this week could be a momentum boost.


(Minimum 10 at-bats)
Player, school    AB    H    BA
T. Scott, Spr    10     7     .700
R. Nicoll, Spr    15     9     .600
G. Kriston, Mit    12     6     .500
J. Mattos, Fiv    17     8     .471
E. Goscicki, Mit    15     7     .467
T. Cooler, BM    22     10     .455
A. Ferlita, BM    21     9     .429
A. Goebel, WR    14     6     .429
M. Barrone, WR    19     8     .421
K. Cramer, Mit    12     5     .417
H. Olsen, WR    20     8     .400
J. Siegfried, Spr    15     6     .400
M. Campbell, Hud    15     6     .400

Home runs
1: J. Johnson (Her), Brandon Lawson (Her), T. Koch (BM), Z. Drury (WR), J. Nissen (LOL), A. Reynolds (LOL), J. Koehler (Mit), M. Faulkner (Fiv), K. Faulkner (Fiv)

8: Z. Drury (WR), M. Barrone (WR), J. Koehler (Mit); 7: M. Faulkner (Fiv); 6: J. Siegfried (Spr), N. Pasarela (Spr), B. Brosher (Spr), R. Nicoll (Spr), A. Ferlita (BM), A. Goebel (WR); 5: J. Johnson (Her), J. Falk (BM), H. Olsen (WR), J. Marin (WR), M. Campoamor (WR), K. Faulkner (Fiv)

(minimum 10 innings)
Player, school    IP    W-L    ERA
A. Olaniel, BM    11     1-0     1.27
J. Hloska, Rid    11     2-0     1.27
T. Ratliff, Her    14.1     2-0     1.47
C. Ingram, WC    12.1     2-1     1.70
Z. Drury, WR    14     1-0     2.00
T. Holton, Hud    12.2     1-1     2.00
R. Kopenski, WR    17     2-1     2.06
R. Wall, LOL    11.1     2-1     2.47
G. Kriston, Mit    10.2     1-2     2.62
J. Mattos, Fiv    14     2-1     3.00
D. Hamilton, Cen    11     0-1     3.18

18: C. Ingram (WC); 15: Z. Drury (WR); 14: T. Ratliff (Her); 12: C. Nussel (BM), J. Mattos (Fiv); 11: E. Ramirez (Her), Matthew Brady (Her), R. Kopenski (WR); 10: J. Siegfried (Spr), T. Koch (BM), C. Schaubert (WC), T. Burgan (Hud)

Coaches are reminded to email (hometeam@tampabay.com) or fax (727-893-8782) stats by noon on Thursdays.


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