Pinellas Park's Man of Steel: Kal-El Williams



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Mon. November 11, 2013 | Rodney Page | Email

Pinellas Park's Man of Steel: Kal-El Williams

Pinellas Park junior running back/linebacker Kal-El Williams is named after Superman.


Here’s the deal: Before Superman became Superman, he was called Kal-El while an infant on the planet Krypton. Just before the planet blew up, he was sent to Earth by his father, renamed Clark Kent, and everyone knows the rest of the story.

Williams’ story?

“My parents were Superman fans. My mom said that when I was born I was oversized, so they wanted to name me after Superman,” said the 6-foot, 240-pounder.

And Williams, who dressed as the superhero every Halloween, has kept up the tradition somewhat, wearing a Superman shirt and socks during games.

“Every time I make a sack or a touchdown I show off my Superman shirt. The socks have little capes on them but they always fly off because, you know, I run so fast,” he said.

Williams may no longer think he’s invincible — when he broke his wrist at age 7 after jumping off a staircase “I had on my Superman cape …and I thought I could fly” — but thinking like the Man of Steel definitely helps around game time.

“I think I’m strong and have super strength so I try to use that in games,” he said. “I try to carry people and hit people really hard. I just think about being Superman.”


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