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Madison Epperson, softball, Tampa Catholic
Jen Kistemaker, track, Osceola
Emily Merino, softball, Tarpon Springs
Madisyn Palmer, softball, River Ridge
Jasha Patrick, track, Hernando
Julia Schifino, softball, Academy of the Holy Names
Jordan Butler, baseball, Alonso
Anthony Crandon, track, Northeast
Felix Dieguez, baseball, Leto
Franklin German, baseball, Bishop McLaughlin
Tyler Hawks, baseball, River Ridge
George Koulianos, baseball, Indian Rocks Christian



Thu. April 22, 2010 | Bob Putnam | Email

Baseball Super 7
1. Dunedin (20-3): After falling one spot, the Falcons move back to the top after beating Osceola and Sarasota last week.
2. Seminole (19-3): Playing well leading up to the postseason with wins over East Lake and Sarasota in the past two weeks.
3. Osceola (20-4): Stay at the top was brief after losses to Dunedin and St. Petersburg.
4. Clearwater Central Catholic (17-6): Played well in the second half of the season, despite a recent loss to Clearwater.
5. St. Petersburg Catholic (17-6): Finally found its offense and has surged the past three weeks.
6. East Lake (16-7): Though they dropped to the fourth seed in their district, the Eagles continue to play tough.
7. St. Petersburg (16-7): Won past eight games to reach Friday’s PCAC championship.

Batting (minimum 45 at-bats)
Name (school)    AB    H    BA

Jason Woods, Ls    53    25    .472
George Koceja, Lar    64    30    .469
Tim McKay, SPC    79    37    .468
Cody Arnold, PP     62    28    .452
Morgan Harris, Lw    60    27    .450
Bobby Twitty, SPC    80    36    .450
Jeff Johnson, Cal    58    26    .448
Matt Harris, DH     54    24    .444
Jerrod Flanagan, Ne     62    27    .435
Joey Krehbiel, Sem    67    29    .433
Casey Turgeon, Dun    72    31    .431
Max Collins, Ls     49    21    .429
Scott Schlapinski, Osc    82    35    .429
Jeff Burch, IRC     69    29    .420
Jeramy Lopez, Ne     69    29    .420
Connor Obrochta, SPC    67    28    .418
Kaleb Paulton, PP    73    30    .411
Maxwell Cameron, PHU    84    34    .405
Justin Tedder, SPC    75    30    .400

29 Scott Schlapinski (Osc); 28 Tim McKay (SPC), Connor Obrochta (SPC); 26 Alex Norris (Dun), Casey Turgeon (Dun); 24 Shawn Delmontagne (Ne), Jerrod Flanagan (Ne); 22 Cody Arnold (PP), Jordan Doyle (Sem), Sean O’Brien (Clw); 21 Mike Boriboun (Osc), Marc Brakeman (Sc), Daniel Hardesty (IRC), Zac Johnson (PHU), Kaleb Paulton (PP), Jordan Savinon (Dun), Justin Tedder (SPC); 20 Maxwell Cameron (PHU), Mike Clarkson (Dun); 19 Tyler Brown (Osc), Spencer Heath (Sc), Matthew Kizer (PHU), Alex Libby (Dun), Kyle Turner (Ns), Bobby Twitty (SPC); 18 Andy Laughery (PP), Jeramy Lopez (Ne); 17 Brian Balbin (IRC), Morgan Cowan (EL), Joey Krehbiel (Sem), Alex McGathey (Sem), Andre Ortega (Clw), Robbie Williams (Ns), Phil Woods (Ne) 

Home runs
5 Joey Krehbiel (Sem), Casey Turgeon (Dun); 4 Jeramy Lopez (Ne); 3 Cody Arnold (PP), Corey Baptist (SPC), Jeff Campbell (CCC), Shawn Delmontagne (Ne), Jordan Doyle (Sem), Andy Laughery (PP), Alex Libby (Dun), J.L. Monson (Lar), Sean O’Brien (Clw), James Petika (CCC), Scott Schlapinski (Osc), Justin Warren (PP); 2 Tyler Brown (Osc), Mike Clarkson (Dun), Tim Deacon (Ne), Jerrod Flanagan (Ne), Kyle Griffith (PHU), Alex McGathey (Sem), Taylor Layner (Osc), Alan Mead (PP), Brett Phillips (Sem), Matt Piatt (Lar), Robbie Williams (Ns), Jason Woods (Ls)

Pitching (minimum 25 IP)
Name (school)    IP    W-L    ERA
Mike Clarkson, Dun    44.1    7-1    0.95
Marc Brakeman, Sc    50.2    4-0    0.98
Justin Tedder, SPC    44.2    7-2    1.25
Brian Johnson, EL    44.3    5-4    1.42
Donny Norris, PP     70.0    8-3    1.50
Kraig Richmond, Clw     45.3    3-2    1.53
James Gray, Ne    34.2    2-1    1.62
Alex Norris, Dun     52.0    6-1    1.62   
Tim Lamoureux, Sem    45.1    5-1    1.70
Mike Lakus, SPC     28.0    0-1    1.75
Kyle Turner, Ns     44.0    5-3    1.84
Jordan Doyle, Sem    39.2    6-1    1.94
James McGettrick, Ne    28.1    3-1    1.98

84 Marc Brakeman (Sc); 83 Donny Norris (PP); 80 Taylor Layner (Osc); 68 Jason Woods (Ls); 66 Max Collins (Ls); 65 Tim Lamoureux (Sem); 63 Alex Norris (Dun); 57 Brian Johnson (EL), Kraig Richmond (Clw); 56 Tyler Larson Sc); 55 Justin Warren (PP); 53 Kyle Turner (Ns); 50 Brian Replogle (Lw); 48 Lindsay Jordan (Lw); Matt Mooney (Ns); 47 Trevor Schmidt (TS), Justin Tedder (SPC); 45 Zach Wolfe (Cal); 40 Matt Freburg (TS), James Gray (Ne); 38 Mike Clarkson (Dun), Daniel Hardesty (IRC), Bobby Twitty (SPC); 37 Jordan Doyle (Sem), Andrew Goot (PHU), Brock Jensen (Osc), Noel Thomas (Ne); 36 Spencer Heirman (Sem)

Note: Weekly stats won’t run again until after playoffs.


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