Spring football: Cambridge Christian 32, Community School of Naples 0



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Fri. May 23, 2014 | Andy Warrener

Spring football: Cambridge Christian 32, Community School of Naples 0

at Tampa

Cambridge Christian 32, Community School of Naples 0

Spring game-breakers:  Lancer senior quarterback Garrett Young dazzled Friday night at Skyway Park. Young was 11-for-18 passing with 288 yards and three touchdowns. Unseen in the stat line was Young’s ability to dodge the first defender coming at him and scramble for room to unload the ball. Young’s receivers gravitate back toward him when he’s flushed from the pocket and it caused massive headaches for CSN. Young had touchdown throws of 63, 51 and 15 yards. He nearly had another on a long completion to Andrew Cunningham, but Cunningham coughed up the ball 10 yards from the end zone. …Two other long throws hit the hands of Young’s receivers. Young also had a touchdown and 50 yards rushing. …Receiver Nick Stein has developed alongside Young the last four years and the chemistry is apparent. Young found Stein on the first drive of the game for a 63-yard touchdown, then again for a 51-yarder. Stein finished with four catches for 135 yards and two touchdowns.

Did you know? Cunningham is an emerging star on the Lancer squad. Cut in the versatile cloth of most Lancer athletes, Cunningham is a dual threat. He finished with 94 total yards but played the grind-em-down role in the fourth quarter with Cambridge up 26-0, eventually scoring on a bruising, 15-yard run. Versatility is rampant at Cambridge. Young, on a fourth down in the third quarter, drop-kicked the ball for a punt, saving field position.

Audible 1: “He can be really good, someone to look for. He’s got size, he’s a hard, downhill runner.” — Young on Cunningham

Audible 2:  “My sophomore year it was just run Robbie (Robertson) left, run Robbie right. Now we have other threats. Now if I scramble, my receivers will go one short, one medium and one long; they just know which routes to run.” — Young


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