Tarpon Springs not quite ready to give up on new uniforms



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Thu. August 18, 2011 | Bob Putnam | Email

Tarpon Springs not quite ready to give up on new uniforms

At a  Wednesday photo shoot at the Times, Tarpon Springs quarterback Louis Pappas sported a uniform that included black pants and a maroon jersey trimmed in black along the neckline and numbers.

Whether that uniform makes its way onto the field this season remains to be seen.

Spongers coach Atif Austin was hoping a glimpse of the uniform would convince the Spongers community that the changes are subtle and should be approved for this season.

"I just wanted to throw it out there and let people see it for themselves," Austin said.

As  the Times reported last month, Austin, a former star at the school, sought to enliven the uniforms by injecting a touch of black. But he hit a nerve with alumni, who created an online petition imploring Tarpon Springs' principal Clint Herbic not to change the school's colors.

But black is included in the band's uniforms, as well as those worn by the volleyball and basketball teams. Herbic e-mailed concerned parents and alumni, telling them black would not become a dominant color in the uniforms this season.

Still, Austin hopes people will change their minds.

Austin said he had only purchased two pairs of black pants, with the intention of letting people see them, then get approval to order in bulk.

Pappas was excited about the change. "I love them," he said. "I think they look great."

Tarpon Springs' uniforms have gone through changes in the past. Pappas' father, Louis Jack Pappas, said when he played linebacker at the school from 1975-78,  the helmets had numbers instead of the "T".

"It's a new age and black is now in a lot of uniforms," Louis Jack Pappas said. "The kids seem to love them. I don't know what all the fuss is about."

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