Will Muschamp talks Florida Gators recruiting, 7-on-7



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Wed. May 23, 2012 | Matt Baker | Email

Will Muschamp talks Florida Gators recruiting, 7-on-7

Florida Gators football coach Will Muschamp was in Tampa on Tuesday night to speak to a handful of reporters and a room full of Gator Club boosters. You can read more about that here.

Muschamp talked about recruiting during the evening. Those tidbits,  including his take on 7-on-7 football, didn’t make my final story, but I thought I’d share them here.

• One of the quickest ways for a recruit to fall out of favor with the Gators is to ask about early playing time and upperclassmen ahead of you.

“Guys who worry about depth charts, we don’t want,” Muschamp said. “You hit it with them one time with any recruit. They ask you a second time, you go through it again. They ask a third time, you need to move onto the next guy.”

Muschamp also made it clear he’s not a fan of Twitter or Facebook, which he called “Spacebook.” I think he was joking. Maybe.

“If I could do away with one thing now in my job, it’d be social media,” Muschamp said.

UF talks with prospects about how they represent themselves online, and questionable profiles come up during coaches’ meetings on recruiting, too.

• A fan asked Muschamp about a 2013 recruiting class that, according to Rivals, lists 13 verbal commitments.  Muschamp can’t talk about unsigned players (sorry, Lakewood WR Rodney Adams) but did talk about commitments.

“Unfortunately to some of our opponents,” Muschamp said, “it means recruit harder.”

• Muschamp made it clear UF plans to sign a quarterback every year. The position is so important but so hard to evaluate, in part because of rules that have limited in-person evaluations.

“You can watch a young man on his tape, and you can watch him throw individually, but you’re so limited in your evaluations of really seeing a guy…” Muschamp said. “You’ve got to have the mental makeup to play in our league, the toughness, the mental toughness, to play in our league and also be physically gifted enough to be successful.”

Muschamp said he’d like head coaches to be able to evaluate prospects in the spring, which they cannot do under recent NCAA rule changes. Only assistants can recruit on campus during May.

“You’re asking me to be responsible for 85 scholarship players…and yet I can’t go out and evaluate them in the spring?” Muschamp said. “I think it’s a ridiculous rule.”

• Muschamp also (kind of) weighed in on a fun but contested point on this site: How important is 7-on-7 football?

Muschamp said the Gators are fortunate that Florida high schools allow spring football practice. Some states do not. In those places, Muschamp said recruiters might instead have to watch 7-on-7, which he said isn’t the same.

“7-on-7 is not football,” Muschamp said. “It’s not. It’s great. It’s fun. We all have a good time playing it, but it’s not football.”



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