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Vote for the top male and female athletes from the bay area
Hannah Brookover, cross country, Calvary Christian
Abbey Duncan, swimming, Academy at the Lakes
Taylor Emery, basketball, Freedom
Bailey Hertenstein, cross country, Riverview
Amelia Schmit, cross country, Nature Coast
Zoi Thompson, basketball, Northeast
Donald Davis, basketball, Tarpon Springs
Ryan Davis, football, Lakewood
Dayton Feiden, football, Sunlake
Kevin Newman, football, Jesuit
DJ Ward, basketball, Wiregrass Ranch
James Zentmeyer, cross country, Sickles



Clearwater v. Tarpon Springs

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boys Clearwater 4, Tarpon Springs 3 Singles Hopp (C) d. Govcla (T) 8-0; Ro (C) d. King (T) 8-1; Barbour (T) d. Terzic (C) 8-3; Prodomitis (T) d. Tornatore (C) 8-1; Maloney (C) - won by def. Doubles Hopp/Ro (C) d. Govcla/King (T) 8-2; Barbour/Prodomitis (T) d. Terzic/Tornatore (C) 8-1; Girls Clearwater 7, Tarpon Springs 0 Singles Schrock (C) d. Prodomitis (T) 8-5; Dekarz (C) d. Yap (T) 8-4; Turcotte (C) d. Wilson (T) 8-0; Brinkman (C) d. Finley (T) 8-1; Ramic (C) - won by def. Doubles Schrock/Dekarz (C) d. Prodomitis/Yap (T) 8-3; Turcotte/Brinkman (C) d. Wilson/Finley (T) 8-1