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Siyana Allen, basketball, Lakewood
Megan Bohan, soccer, Robinson
Makenzie Fish, soccer, Land O'Lakes
Nicole Sullivan, soccer, Springstead
Peyton Walker, basketball, Seffner Christian
Francesca Ycaza, soccer, St. Petersburg Catholic
Ryan Fontano, soccer, Nature Coast
Damian Fracchia, soccer, East Bay
Bryan Gilbert, soccer, Newsome
Hayden Grooms, soccer, Palm Harbor University
JJ Lewis, basketball, Mitchell
Sam Sharpe, soccer, Boca Ciega



Tennis: Northside Christian vs. Clearwater Central Catholic

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boys: CCC 4, Northside 3 Singles: Hayslett (CCC) def. Langford 8-2 Williams (North) def. Matusiwicz 8-0 Nash (CCC) def. Hicks 8-4 Camp (CCC) def. Sharpe 8-0 CCC by default Doubles: Langford-Williams (North) def. Nash-Camp 8-0 Hicks-Sharpe (North) def. Raus-Tucker 8-6 CCC (4-4) North (2-6) Girls: CCC 5, Northside 2 Singles: Dohse (CCC def S. Hodges 8-2 Chen (CCC) def. Barry 8-3 Yang (CCC) def. A. Hodges 8-0 Abood (CCC) def. Stoddard 8-5 Matcha (North) def. Vahar 8-5 Doubles: Chen-Yang (CCC) def. Stoddard-Matcha 8-1 Northside by default CCC (5-3) Northside (2-6)