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Tennis: Canterbury vs. Calvary Chr.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Boys: Canterbury 7, Calvary Chr. 0 Singles: J. Alvarez (Can) d. N. Linardos 8-0 G. Gatlin (Can) d. A. Voor 8-1 C. Milic (Can) d. H. Vaughan 8-0 C. Mosher (Can) d. S. Samuelsen 8-2 C. Renner (Can) d. D. Capito 8-0 Doubles: J. Alvarez and J. Ritch (Can) d. Linardos and Voor 8-2 Renner and Mosher (Can) d. Capito and Samuelsen 8-0 Girls: Canterbury 6, Calvary Chr. 1 Singles: M. Rodriguez (Can) d. C. Spoerl 8-1 R. Harvard (Can) d. M. Cardew 8-5 L. Alvarez (Can) d. C. Soulliere 8-3 J. Bulliet (Can) d. B. Marlin 8-0 L. Betters (Can) d. A. Papa 8-0 Doubles: Spoerl and Cardew (Calv) d. Rodriguez and Alvarez (Can) 8-5 Harvard and Bulliet (Can) d. Soulliere and Marlin 8-1