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TRACK - Indian Rocks Invitational

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Indian Rocks Invitational Team scores Boys Tampa Catholic 133, Indian Rocks Christian 98, St. Petersburg Catholic 92.3, Clearwater Central Catholic 63, Keswick Christian 57, Seffner Christian 46, Northside Christian 40, St.Stephen’s 34, Bishop McLaughlin 27, Calvary Christian 25.3, Cambridge 21.3, Lakeland Christian 12, Tampa Bay Christian 5, Canterbury 3 Girls Northside Christian 125, Indian Rocks Christian 118, Keswick Christian 78, Seffner Christian 54.5, St. Petersburg Catholic 52, Clearwater Central Catholic 49, Calvary Christian 42, St. Stephen’s 35 ,Bishop McLaughlin 24 Cambridge 23, Tampa Bay Christian 21, Foundation 19, Tampa Catholic 11.5, Canterbury 7, Academy at the Lakes 4 Results Boys 1600 meters David Campbell (CCC) 5:01; Brad Schaefer (Keswick Christian) 5:06; Spencer Nora (St. Stephen’s) 5:07 Triple jump Zack Benjamin (Tampa Catholic) 12.21 m; Conner Lewis (Tampa Catholic) 11.88 m; Brandon Ardley (Seffner Christian) 11.62 m High jump Zack Benjamin (Tampa Catholic) 1.72 m; Kyle Wiedinger (Calvary Christian) 1.67 m; Damarcus Faison (Cambridge) 1.67 m 100 meters Ryan Green (St.Petersburg Catholic) 11.26; Evan Howard (Northside Christian) 11.27; Vinny Capobianco (Indian Rocks) 11.60 4x100 relay St. Petersburg Catholic 45.52; Tampa Catholic 46.40; Indian Rocks 46.66 Long jump Brandon Ardley (Seffner Christian) 6.40 m; Conner Lewis (Tampa Catholic) 6.22 m; Sean Culkin (Indian Rocks) 6.07 m 4x800 relay St. Petersburg Catholic 8:43; CCC 9:03; St.Stephen’s 9:19 110 hurdles Joey Hedger (Keswick Christian) 18.22; Kyle Gibson (Tampa Catholic) 19.06; Stephen DiGiacomo (Tampa Catholic) 19.35 300 hurdles Luke Williams (Indian Rocks) 443.80; Austin Cox (Cambridge) 44.11; Calvin Armatos (Tampa Catholic) 44.16 400 meters Sean Culkin (Indian Rocks) 52.62; Ken Mention (Tampa Catholic) 53.08; Grady Trimble (CCC) 53.08 Discus Taylor Andres (Indian Rocks) 37.88; Evan Barhonovich (Bishop McLaughlin) 36.11; Tyler Wood (Indian Rocks) 33.75 800 meters Michael Robison (St. Petersburg Catholic) 2:02; Garet Marr (Northside Christian) 2:09; Camron Tally (St.Stephen’s) 2:11 3200 meters Christopher Pirrello (Bishop McLaughlin) 10:39; Saul Ramirez (CCC) 10:54; Trevor Quandt (Keswick Christian) 11:05 200 meters Evan Howard (Northside Christian) 23.22; Tyree Holder (Tampa Catholic) 24.32; Vinny Capobianco (Indian Rocks) 24.33 Pole vault Jon Kistemaker (Indian Rocks) 3.81 m; Daniel Firmin (Lakeland Christian) 3.65 m; Beaush Feaster (Northside Christian) 3.65 m Shot put Taylor Timmons (Tampa Catholic) 12.77 m; Nicholas Aguila (Tampa Catholic) 12.56 m; Tyler Wood (Indian Rocks) 12.38 m 4x400 relay Tampa Catholic 3:36; Calvary Christian 3:37.60; St. Petersburg Catholic 3:37.66 Girls 1600 meters Katelyn Greenleaf (Northside) 5:43; Olivia Kellin (CCC) 5:49; Alex Steele (St. Petersburg Catholic) 5:53 400 meters Madison Cox (Cambridge) 1:00; Brittany Keller (Seffner Christian) 1:02; Sarah Schultz (Northside Christian) 1:03 Pole vault Jessica Artille (Northside Christian) 2.74 m; Jennifer Kistemaker (Indian Rocks) 2.59 m; Rachel Kistemaker (Indian Rocks) 2.59 m 100 meters Ariana Taylor (Northside Christian) 13.24; Kasey Howard (Calvary Christian) 13.42; Alyssa Allen (St. Stephen’s) 13.48 Long jump Asia Olds (Northside Christian) 4.95 m; Alyssa Allen (St. Stephen’s) 4.87 m; Marisa Moralobo (Indian Rocks) 4.64 m 4x100 relay Indian Rocks 52.93; Keswick Christian 53.30; Calvary Christian 53.34 4x800 relay Northside Christian 10:20; Keswick Christian 10:31; Indian Rocks 10:40 100 hurdles Cheyanne Hevey (Foundation) 17.69; Alexa DaSilva (Tampa Bay Christian) 19.11; Samantha Plager (Seffner Christian) 19.22 High jump Kelly Shanahan (CCC) 1.47 m; Tori Trador (Indian Rocks) 1.42 m; Sarah Harding (Keswick Christian) 1.32 m Triple jump Sarah Schultz (Northside Christian) 9.86; Sabrina Whiting (Seffner Christian) 9.74; Kate Voitier (Indian Rocks) 9.01 300 hurdles Kelly Shanahan (CCC) 50.38; Cheyanne Hevey (Foundation) 51.63; Samantha Plager (Seffner Christian) 54.77 Shot put Tori Harris (Bishop McLaughlin) 9.97 m; Danielle Grantham (Tampa Bay Christian) 9.38 m; Cassie Foster (Keswick Christian) 9.32 m 800 meters Bobbi LaBrant (Indian Rocks) 2:28; Alicia Konsttantinovic (Northside Christian) 2:34; Haley Gossard (Northside Christian) 2:35 Discus Tori Harris (Bishop McLaughlin) 35.12 m; Cassie Foster (Keswick Christian) 28.28 m; Madi Loebel (Indian Rocks) 26.35 m 3200 meters Olivia Kellin (CCC) 12:31; Katharine Haddard (St. Petersburg Catholic) 12:50; Laura Rudnicki (St. Petersburg Catholic) 13:01 200 meters Madison Cox (Cambridge) 27.02; Alyssa Allen (St.Stephen’s) 27.22; Asia Olds (Northside Christian) 27.73 4x400 relay Northside Christian 4:17; Indian Rocks 4:23; Keswick Christian 4:28