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Arnie fired eastwood

Richie Sambora hit with DUI

We almost went two whole weeks without mentioning Bon Jovi, but thankfully Richie Sambora snapped the dry spell by getting arrested for a DUI charge in Laguna Beach. TMZ reports the 47-year-old guitarist was pulled over about 11 p.m. Tuesday after weaving all over in his Hummer. With his 10-year-old daughter, Ava, in the car with him, no less! He failed several field sobriety tests, which is a shame, given his 2007 time in rehab. Was there anything harder in his system? "At this point there's no indication of drugs," Laguna Beach police Sgt. Jason Kravetz said. After divorcing Heather Locklear and then getting dumped by Denise Richards, we can't help but feel for the guy.

Heather Mills needs more money

Even though Heather Mills got paid $48.7 million for four years of marriage to Paul McCartney, she's still not satisfied. The U.K.'s Daily Mail says the bitter divorcee is hiring a "team of forensic accountants" to examine Sir Paul's finances and prove he's worth a lot more — up to $1.6 billion, according to her estimate. And remember the $70,000 per year she got to take care of their daughter, Beatrice? Yeah, not enough. "Heather says she can prove the amount of money that is being given to look after Bea will not last over the year. She is putting it to the test," a source says. "Even with Bea travelling in economy, Heather says it's not enough. She is keeping every receipt — including her invoice to her security team — to show that £35,000 is just not sufficient." Gee, how much do kid's meals at Burger King cost these days?

Assorted celebrity quick hits

Marsha Williams has filed for divorce from Robin Williams after almost 19 years of marriage, TMZ reports. Where's Mrs. Doubtfire when you need her?

Justin Timberlake will be the host of this year's ESPY Awards for ESPN, the network has announced. We don't think he'll be dropping trou for any of those winners like he did for Madonna.

• The Today show's 13th annual concert series will feature Paula Abdul, Miley Cyrus, Ashlee Simpson, Rascal Flatts, Natasha Bedingfield, Neil Diamond, Mary J. Blige, Alanis Morissette, the B-52s, Donna Summer, Chris Brown, Kenny Chesney, Rihanna, Coldplay and Sheryl Crow, NBC said Wednesday. What, no Bon Jovi?

We've left Katie Holmes alone for too long — Star is saying she's sickly and falling apart under the strain of living a fake life with Tom Cruise! After a lunch at L.A. eatery Joan's on Third recently, a thin, pale and exhausted Katie almost collapsed, bracing herself against a door frame before being whisked off by her bodyguard. A source tells the mag that dizzy spells and headaches are the norm, and despite being emaciated, she feels compelled to lose more weight to please Tom, who is driving her to the brink. "Katie doesn't get enough sleep — and hasn't for months now," a source says. "She's tired and drained much of the day because Tom is so wired, and they stay awake until after midnight. He has boundless energy, and she just can't compete." His energy is so boundless, he apparently heads out for days at a time for boys' nights out and trips away from home, leaving her to fend for herself. We'd call that an actor being an actor, but what do we know? And it's not like she's been working a lot lately; Mad Money wasn't all that, dig?

Tyra-d of 'Top Model'

We've had a spate of Tyra Banks news on The Juice* lately, and that's because we revel in having the TV-watching predilections of teenaged girls by counting America's Next Top Model as one of our faves. But all is not well on Banksian shores: Ok! says Tyra is so sick and tired of the grind (the show's on its 10th season) that she's looking for a way out. Not only that, but she and shoot director Jay Manuel (that'd be MISTER Jay to you) are on the outs. "It's gotten so bad that Tyra and Jay aren't speaking," a source told the magazine. "Tyra barely interacts with the contestants and only wants to show up on judging day." So it seems Ty-Ty is more focused on her inane talk show, and is looking for another model to replace her. Could that be why Paulina Porizkova is on this season? Eh, we doubt it. "She's putting lots of pressure on her staff to keep her show on the map," the source claims." She had Barack Obama on, she had Hillary Clinton on — she got a taste of playing with the big boys and now Top Model seems to detract from her big plans." You mean her big plans of super-sizing at McDonald's and getting her weave redone? That's right, we went there.

J. Lo, beware the lactivists!

From The Juice* collective's resident mommy member: The mommy bloggers are tsk-tsking over People magazine's slobbering piece with pictures of the palace that is the nursery for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins. It's not the Dolce and Gabbana fur wraps that have them throwing down their sippy cups of chardonnay, it's her shrug over the whole idea of breastfeeding: "My mom didn't breast-feed, and I think that was the thing for me. You read and figure out what's the best thing for them." Um, what exactly has she been reading? Because even the side of a bottle of formula bottle reads "Breast is best," because breastfed infants have lower rates of hospital admissions, ear infections, diarrhea, rashes, allergies and other medical problems. The People profile also talks about how she's now training for a triathlon, working out a couple hours a day. "I want my babies to be proud of me," she stated. Whaaa? How are babies going to be proud of you for getting your body back in record time? They are still trying to find their toes at the moment. Just admit you have tremendous pressure to look good in show biz and be done with it.

Not that you've been keeping up with California politics lately, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proved last week you can choose your friends and family by bouncing pal Clint Eastwood and brother-in-law Bobby Shriver off the state parks commission.

The L.A. Times reports both men, who were appointed by Gov. Gray Davis in 2001 and reappointed by the Governator in 2004, learned about their fate through governor aides, despite their respective relationships to Schwarzenegger.

"I think it was just somebody got a bee under their bonnet at the right moment, so there we are," Eastwood said.

The official reason is that Schwarzenegger wanted others to take a crack at the commission, but word around the campfire is it was because both Eastwood and Shriver opposed an Arnie-backed plan to run a toll road right through Orange County's San Onofre State Beach, a plan that was defeated by the California Coastal Commission in February.

"I guess he felt we were going to be guys who were going to be obstructionists for anything through state parks," Eastwood says. Yes, you'd think parks commissioners would be against plans to pave marine estuaries (even though Dirty Harry himself had once argued for laws to be bent so he could build a golf course some years back — that, too, was defeated).

But there's no hard feelings, especially after Schwarzenegger called and apologized for how the sitch was handled, Clint claims.

"I'm a grown person; I'm not a kid," Eastwood says. "The parks is a voluntary job, and it's just a job you do, when they need you. It was fun. ... They make changes, and that's their prerogative. It's not like I need a day job."

Fans fawn over clooney train

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