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Courts quibble on Sierra probation

The celebrity roundup

• Britney Spears is trying to keep busy with an upcoming guest role on How I Met Your Mother, according to Pink is the New Blog. She'll be the one who argues against dating backup dancers.

• Heather Locklear's psychiatrist was the one who called 911 over the weekend saying the actress was attempting suicide, even though she really wasn't, TMZ says. She was just saying marrying Richie Sambora was career suicide.

• The Daily Mail has been flashing pics of Simon Cowell speeding around L.A. in a black, $1.4 million Bugatti Veyron, the fastest production car in the world. If only he could afford to make American Idol go faster.

• Heath Ledger's will was never updated after his 2-year-old daughter Matilda Rose was born, so neither she nor baby's mama Michelle Williams are entitled to a dime, since he left everything to his parents and three sisters, the AP reports. That's sad, since the residuals from The Dark Knight alone would put her through college.

Did E! steal Anna's show?

If you watched any of E!'s new Ashton Kutcher-produced Pop Fiction this weekend (which was pretty dull), you should probably thank Anna Nicole Smith. TMZ says the show sounds just like a treatment she pitched more than three years ago for a show called Celebrities Strike Back. In 2004 Smith and Howard K. Stern met with E! programming executives Jeff Shore and Jay James to try to sell the idea. "...What happens if Anna Nicole Smith and other celebrities turn the tables and capitalize off of the overzealous media?" the pitch reads. "What if the next big supposed scandal is not a scandal at all? What if everything is staged, but the media (and the public) don't know it? ... Anna Nicole and other celebrity guests take aim at the media and push all the limits." Does that sound at all familiar? Stern has already threatened a lawsuit, TMZ says, especially since he's claiming he met with E! about the project just two months ago, with Larry Birkhead slated to pull the first prank. But E! nixed the whole idea for some reason. Maybe they were too busy calling Ashton.

Star Jones getting divorced

What's Star Jones been up to lately, besides working on radio stations we can't tune into? Why, planning on a divorce from Al Reynolds, of course. That's if you believe the National Enquirer, which says the papers have already been sent, a claim her rep denies. "They hadn't been seeing eye to eye for months and had already spent a great deal of time apart," a source told the Enquirer. "Finally, Star decided it was over. She told Al at the end of January that he had 30 days to get his act together or 'get out.' " Everything apparently went south after a Baby Phat fashion show in New York on Feb. 1. She told him to get out and he allegedly moved back to Miami. "Star is planning to divorce Al," another source says. "I think Star felt Al had spent their marriage riding her success while she did all the heavy lifting. She resented it. Deep down, Star is a very old-fashioned woman who believes a man should support her emotionally, physically and financially. She now believes Al failed her." Stedman Graham better take note. But then, Star is no Oprah Winfrey.

Tom Cruise targeted ScarJo

The news that Tom Cruise held auditions for a wife after he split from Penelope Cruz in 2004 are nothing new (The Juice* included rumors to that effect just a few short months ago, in fact), but now News of the World has a trump card. Marc Headley, who apparently once produced promo films for the Church of Scientology, confirms that there really was a church-led casting call to be Tom's leading lady, if you can dig that. A casting call went out that said, "There's an upcoming Tom Cruise movie you might get a part in. Come for an audition," News of the World reports. The requirements: single, attractive and twentysomething. She-Scientologists Erika Christensen and Sofia Milos were apparently rejected because Cruise wanted a bigger name. "They went for Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba, in that order," Headley says. "Jennifer and Jessica didn't bite but Scarlett took the bait and came in for an audition. When she arrived and found out it was the Scientology Center in Hollywood, she freaked out and didn't do a tape." Besides, we all know ScarJo really fell for Woody Allen.

This is hardly model behavior

The 14 brainless babes from America's Next Top Model who lived it up in the Tribeca apartment we see on the CW every Wednesday may get Tyra Banks sued. The New York Post says Michael Marvisi, the landlord at 39 Lispenard St. in Manhattan, is planning to file a lawsuit after Anisa Productions promised any damage to his $6 million (!) flat would be minor. Instead, Marvisi claims the production crew "punched hundreds of holes in the ceiling to hang lighting equipment and destroyed his Brazilian wood floors, which he replaced when the modellettes moved out three weeks ago, the Post says. "These girls not only destroyed the floors, it appears they had food fights. There's ketchup and coffee splattered all over the landlord's $20,000 white drapes. There's lipstick on the walls," a source told the Post. "They moved in furniture and made holes all along the walls." The girls allegedly also ruined a $15,000 chandelier, ran up a $1,500 electric bill the landlord claims ANTM "skipped out on" and ruined the bathroom. They apparently splashed so much water that mold tests were ordered, and $90,000 worth of damage was done to an electrical store on the first floor. Marvisi claims $500,000 in total damages, and even though ANTM reportedly offered $125,000, not a dime has gone out.

Jessica Sierra was back in court Monday trying to resolve a problem with her probation transfer to a California rehab center. California probation officials say Florida violated an inter-state compact by allowing Sierra to go to California without prior approval from probation officials there.

Sierra's attorney, John Fitzgibbons, told Hillsborough Circuit Judge Daniel Perry he had worked out a solution. Florida Department of Correction officials will send an e-mail to California authorities to expedite a probation transfer request for Sierra, Fitzgibbons said. He hopes to have the issue resolved and Sierra back in rehab in Pasadena by the end of week.

"Right now it's just red tape and bureaucracy," Fitzgibbons said, who noted that Sierra has been sober for 99 days.

Sierra was joined in court by her grandparents, Jose and Betty Sierra. "We're very happy with the progress she's making, and we're focused on her complete recovery," her grandmother said.

Sierra was placed on probation in November after being charged with battery and cocaine possession charges, accused of throwing a cocktail glass at a Hyde Park Cafe patron's head and having the drug in her purse. A drunken episode in Ybor City in December left her facing new charges of disorderly intoxication, obstructing an officer without violence, and violation of her terms of probation.

Your tax dollars at work, people. And now that we've seen the finale to VH1's Celebrity Rehab, we want to know what happened with that whole transfer to a Sober Living facility.

Joe Francis coming back to Florida

Much to the behest of fathers everywhere, jailed Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis is returning to Florida. It's not all margaritas and camcorders now, though, since his trip to Panama City is to face charges of filming underage girls. The AP says defense attorney Fred Atcheson coughed up a $1.5 million cashier's check to cover Joe's bail on tax evasion charges in Nevada so he can come to Florida for a court appearance on Wednesday for four felony and two misdemeanor charges in a case that goes back five years. We certainly hope he can get back to Nevada to face his tax evasion trial in August — he's only facing 10 years in prison and $500k in fines for that.

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